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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Five Reasons To Choose Custom Sunglasses As Promotional Swag


Post pandemic, marketing budgets have understandably been under pressure and marketers are focusing on a high level of ROI needs. Though marketing strategies have evolved a lot in recent times, most industries still rely on the old school promotional strategy of custom giveaways for some sound reasons even when digital marketing steals the spotlight. Here […]

Custom sunglasses – Things Everyone Will Love


Do you have an outdoor event coming up?  It will be the best time to choose a custom giveaway to help you leverage the event and enhance the brand recognition. If you haven’t considered sunglasses before, it is the best time to give it a try. You wont be disappointed for sure. Most marketers often […]

Custom Polarized Sunglasses – The Smartest Way to Tackle Glare During Winter


When the sun’s rays fall on the eyes directly,  it will leave everyone squinting while driving or walking outside. The  days may get shorter and the temperature gets cooler but it doesn’t mean that glare from the sun is getting any less harsh. Eye protection is required all year round and is a healthy practice […]

The Best Sunglasses for Business Promotions During Tennis Season


Tennis is a popular sport in all parts of the world including the US. With many prestigious leagues like the US tennis championships on, it is a great time for businesses to think of interesting  giveaways like custom sunglasses to reach out to the tennis fans and promote their brand. Everyone around has got tennis […]

Trends To Follow While Choosing Custom Sunglasses


Businesses have been using promotional swag like sunglasses since a long time to help build brand awareness and win business. To make sure that the custom products you choose continue to deliver a high ROI, you need to get on top of the latest trends in sunglasses and adapt it in your business promotions. Choosing […]

Reinforce Your Corporate Identity with Promotional Sunglasses

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Branded sunglasses may not seem like the finest or most luxurious promotional or corporate gifts. However, logo sunglasses have been proven effective time and again in getting your message out to a wider audience and engaging the crowd with your brand. Sunglasses will easily be one of the best tangible handouts for your business. Guess […]

How to Advertise Your Brand with Custom Sunglasses

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Promotional giveaways make a solid strategy to sell your brand and make new contacts. Handouts like imprinted sunglasses are  particularly popular choices in the world of promotional items because of their small size, utility and affordability. Most people need multiple sets  of sunglasses to match their different dressing styles, seasonal trends and colors. Sunglasses will […]

Promotional Sunglasses with Personalized Printing


Custom sunglasses are ideal handouts for marketing campaigns, expos, business events or parties and concerts. Choose from a wide range of classic and modern styles imprinted with your logo or slogan to get your message across. Custom sunglasses are a great way to boost your brand image as these make versatile gifts that will align […]

How To Incorporate Promotional Sunglasses In Your Business Promotions

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Tried and tested, promotional sunglasses are bought consistently and in good quantity for all types of events- both personal and professional! One of the most practical promotional products around, imprinted sunglasses can be used as giveaways and gifts at promotional events, trade shows or even as birthday gifts or wedding favors. Why sunglasses Sunglasses are […]

 What Makes Printed Sunglasses So Effective?

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Printed sunglasses are one of the most popular and effective promotional products for businesses and charities. But what makes these accessories so effective? This blog post is delving deeper into some of the crowd pleasing traits of sunglasses that make it exceptionally popular among every genre of audience. Sunglasses enhance outdoor experiences Events and festivals […]