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6 Reasons You Want Wooden Sunglasses as Custom Gifts

Style, function and commitment to the environment – wood sunglasses are perfect in more than one way! Wooden sunglasses have been making a buzz in the fashion world for some of the best reasons. No matter it is for the style or environmental reasons, Wooden Sunglasses have become a growing fashion trend to count upon!

bamboo sunglasses

Here are our 5 reasons you should buy wooden sunglasses.

#1 Sustainable material

The temples of these sunglasses are made of bamboo, sourced from sustainable forests. Highlight the eco-friendly credentials of your business with these classic frames that make heads turn and most importantly won’t end up in landfills.

#2  Wood is Elegant

Bamboo Sunglasses go well with all dressing styles and exude warmth and beauty. The big plus- These sunglasses look equally good on men and women. Put on a unique fashion statement and a cool style without being overstated. Look good and feel great for being part of environment protection by using these sunglasses your promotional items.

#3 Natural Wood Tones Complement your dressing style

Bamboo will go well with all colors and will never stand out like a sore thumb. This natural tone is neutral and complements your look nicely instead of grabbing all the eyes. While you wear this stylish sunglasses, you will still be the center of attraction without the sunglasses stealing the show. That is the actual purpose of any fashion sunglasses right?

No matter whether you are a sports fan or a beach buddy, wooden sunglasses look great on everyone and will complete your look during any occasion.

#4 Unique styles

Custom Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses stand out for its unique wood grain pattern that makes each pair of sunglasses one of a kind. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that is naturally pretty, bamboo sunglasses will be the best choice. Your sunglasses should ideally be unique as you. Wooden sunglasses are interesting and stand out from the rest of the crop.

Join the bandwagon of green fashionistas with these stylish bamboo sunglasses with Black frame, Smoke lens and Bamboo temples. Chrome accent jewels on the front makes these sunglasses look stunning

Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

#5 – Wood is Durable

Durability is the trump card of natural wood sunglasses. Great for the rough and tumble of everyday life, these sunglasses ensure fine quality and durability.

#6 Lightweight

Bamboo sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Your clients will hate the idea of taking off these stylish and comfortable sunglasses while your brand remains in front of the audience for a long time. Shop now!