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Blank Wedding Sunglasses- Gifts That complement Minimalist Wedding Themes

As they say less is more! If you are not a game for garish outfits, loud décor and flashy gifts and are planning a simple and minimalist wedding any time soon, we have a perfect wedding favor for you. Blank sunglasses make understated party favors that nobody can resist! Simple wedding themes are trending and if you are planning a small and intimate wedding comprising mostly of family and the elderly community members, then there can’t be anything better than blank sunglasses to consider for your gift bag.

Navigator Sunglasses

Less need not be boring. After simple monochrome wedding invitations and simple décor and flower arrangements it is time to spare a thought at some elegant yet simple wedding favors. That is what makes blank wedding sunglasses a great choice. Scroll on and get inspired!

No matter whether you are looking for a budget friendly wedding or a simple outdoor theme with a bit of rustic touch, blank sunglasses will make a perfect choice for your wedding guests and the wedding entourage. As they say when the mind is full, words are few! So, if you are lost for words and a bit emotional during your wedding day, blank sunglasses will make a great choice. It will remind your guests of your special day and the unique personality without any imprints or text. Offered in 26 different color choices, these blank sunglasses can be bought from just 1 piece to 2500 pieces to give you a free hand in choosing wedding favors.

Points to ponder

  • If you are expecting a crowd of elderly guests, blank wedding sunglasses will be a great choice because they may not be keen to sports something colorful and bespoke as imprinted sunglasses.
  • Plain sunglasses will look good on everyone during the post wedding photo session and can even double pull as photo props
  • Choose a model that complements the wedding theme to make a lasting impression
  • If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a beach or a garden, blank sunglasses can be used to keep the users stay cool in the sun.
  • You can even use it as table décor items or seat markers
  • Your guests can continue to use these sunglasses for a very long time, thereby serving as subtle reminders of the special occasion.
  • Bulk orders carry the best price discounts. You can order in excess as these can be used during other occasions like family reunions or golf weekends.
  • Sunglasses will make a smart gift choice for most occasions and even if you end up with surplus, these won’t go waste.

Have you used sunglasses as your wedding favors? How was the experience? Do share it in the comments section to set the ball of an interesting conversation rolling.