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Designer Sunglasses – The Last Name In Fashion statements

In the wide world of changing fashions, designer sunglasses have always been the king. However, if you thought you have to be a celebrity or a deep pocketed business magnate to own these master pieces, you could be in for a surprise as these unique fashion statements are not prohibitively costly as these used to be once. Today, designer sunglasses are not out of reach for the normal fashion lovers and we have even a complete line of low cost models that are inspired by their costly counterparts in designer sunglasses.

Businesses who wish to lure the style savvy to your brands by helping them perk up their looks with these designer sunglasses that are easy on the pockets will find these sunglass models really interesting.

Designer sunglasses for women: Businesses who wish to reach out to their women audience will find these sunglasses a perfect choice. Spas, nail salons, women fashion brands can hand out these UV protected designer sunglasses for women that bring together form and functionality in equal measures. These sunglasses can be worn with all types of apparels and will make a great part accessory for beach parties, weekend trips and more. Personalize these with your brand and message to make these sunglasses a great promotional gift that will enjoy a long retention. Every time your recipients use these, your brand on these will enjoy a wide angle display.

Customized Designer Sunglasses for Women

Soleil Sunglasses: Brilliantly colored and attractively shaped, these sunglasses make the ultimate dream of all the fashion aficionados. Offered in 6 different colors of your choice, custom Soleil sunglasses will make great trade show giveaways and store promotional gifts. Made of polycarbonate material, these mirrored lenses sunglasses attract attention with their two-tone design while the UV400 lenses will offer 100% UVA and UVB protection against sunlight.

Promotional Soleil Sunglasses with 6 Colors

Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses: Custom Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses make trendy sport sunglasses that fit over most prescription eyewear, thus making it suitable for everyone. While Gray lens and shiny Black frame will give these sunglasses a macho charm, 100% UV protection features will make it a highly functional item. Imprint your brand, artwork or mascot to leave a personal touch and see how these trendy sunglasses turn heads and enhance your brand goodwill.

Custom Imprinted Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses

Sprint Sunglasses: Customized Sprint Sunglasses stand out for its matte black wrap style sunglasses and polarized smoke lens. These 100% UV protected sunglasses make great handouts to promote sports events, marathons, auto races and more. If you are planning to sponsor tail gating parties or soccer leagues, look no further than these stylish handouts.

Customized Sprint Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are not out of reach for ordinary people anymore. Check out our interesting range of custom sunglasses to choose a model that will suit your promotional needs or target audience. These perfect fashion items will go a long way in making your brand well exposed and portable.