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Autumn 2017 Fashion Trends In Imprinted Fashion Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses make the hottest accessories this season. Be it as stylish accessories over the eyes of the fashion icons, trendy store promotional freebies or hugely popular fund raising items, sunglasses will never fail to impress people. A pair of stylish sunglasses is all it takes to give your outfit a boost. Choose the most trending models this season and grab the attention of your customers easily.

Autumn 2017 Fashion Trends In Imprinted Fashion Sunglasses

Here are the top spring eyewear trends of 2017, which will give a fair idea of planning your marketing swag.

Fashion Unleashed

The countless trending fashion models have given a lot of choices for the fashion savvy audience who are willing to go that extra stride in flaunting their fashion sense. Wire constructions, glow in the dark models and daring colors are the latest in fashion scene while most frames cut a fine balance between simple eyewear and wearable artwork, that are far from ordinary.

Athleisure is the middle name of fashion

The modern day active lifestyles need versatile specs that fit the bills of leisure activities and an active life all at once. The fading borderline between fashion sunglasses and performance eyewear has given rise to a range of trending sunglasses. Unlike the traditional sporty models, the present day sunglasses flaunt smoother silhouettes and round sunglasses. Trendy navigator sunglasses and outdoor Oahu sunglasses -– to name a few- will make perfect choices. The vibrant tones of red, yellow, green and blue have become hot choices among both gals and guys. There are statement patterns and flash lens models as well in the athlesiure selection of lenses. Make these fashion sunglasses to die for your marketing swag and make your promotions a tad different from the ordinary.

Promotional Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Sunglasses inspired by Outdoor elements

Drawing inspiration from the natural elements of the great outdoors, Malibu sunglasses make excellent masterpieces to consider this season. Brilliant colors like aqua and blue that complement the azure waters of the seas and the clear autumn sky will ensure a sight to behold. Earthy tones like green and mustard yellow, chocolate or amber will also make popular colors. Striped and printed designs that celebrate the pretty landscape of earth have many takers as well while smooth surfaces, and subtle frames are the trending heart throbs among women.

Promotional Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Sleek and stylish

The season’s sleek and stylish sunglasses have made it very easy for professionals to spice up their wardrobe. Choose from an array of frames that are ideal for both the work space and festive occasions. While colors like brown and black continue to be popular, stylish silhouettes and chic glasses have become the hottest in eyewear fashion. There are even sunglasses in thatched patterns golden hues, appliqué work and teals among many others.

Which of these trends do you find the most interesting? Our comments are open; do share your opinions