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10 Great Pairs Of Custom Sunglasses For The Sunny Weather

Sunglasses not just accentuate the overall look and style of the users but will keep their eyes safe from UV rays. Check out some of these sunglasses with UV 400 lenses that can block out 100% of UV rays, thereby making it a great eyewear for the outdoors. Marketers looking for a piping hot gift idea to promote their brand will find these stylish sunglasses a great choice.

UV resistant sunglasses will not just reduce the glare and the strain on the eyes but will make your recipients look trendy. Budget friendly and gender neutral, custom sunglasses will make a perfect gift for outdoor tradeshows, beach events, golf leagues and more. Customize these sunglasses with your brand and message to make it a happening billboard for your brand.

Not many people can resist a pair of stylish sunglasses. Make it your marketing tool and let your brand earn the bragging rights! We have listed 10 great pairs of UV resistant sunglasses for your promotions.

  1. Sun Ray Crystal Lens Sunglasses:  A perfect pair of UV resistant sunglasses that is great for all types of outdoor promotions and fund raising events. Customize these folding sunglasses with your brand to get your message into the hands of your recipients literally!Promotional Sun Ray Crystal Lens Sunglasses
  2. Sun Ray Matte Sunglasses: These UV resistant sunglasses make ideal summer staples to make your outdoor promotions a lot more interesting. Customize these with your brand and message to make your brand popularity soar! Offered in a palette of attractive colors, these logo items will make great options for themed events and parties.  Shop now!Custom Imprinted Sun Ray Matte Sunglasses
  3. Floating Malibu Sunglasses: Gone are the days when sunglasses used to get lost in the waves during beach fun. These UV resistant sunglasses that will stay afloat will make a perfect choice to promote beach activities, boating events and more.  Customize it with funny taglines and artwork to make it a perfect handout.Promotional Floating Malibu Sunglasses
  4. Sun Ray Crystal Sunglasses: Offered in a range of colors including Translucent: Royal Blue, Orange, Black and Lime Green colors, these UV resistant sunglasses will complement the spring colors and make heads turn. These classic folding eyewear customized with your brand and message will make a great handout for outdoor promotions.Custom Printed Sun Ray Crystal Sunglasses
  5. Kids Wood Grain Oahu Sunglasses: Sunny outdoors and spring season will bring a lot of crowd into the open and kids will make a great part of this crowd. Marketers looking for a kid’s friendly pair of sunglasses will find these wood grain Oahu Sunglasses a great choice. Ideal for themed parties and other kids’ events, these UV 400 sunglasses are made to look good and last long.Promotional Kids Wood Grain Oahu Sunglasses
  6. Outrider Malibu Sunglasses:  Make your outdoor promotions a color soaked brilliant affair with these UV resistant Outrider Malibu Sunglasses with Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver or Green Mirrored Lenses. Made of polycarbonate material, these CPSIA compliant sunglasses offered in a gift box will make a great gift for both kids and kids at heart. We bet, your brand and message on these sunglasses will never get overlooked!  Shop right away!Promotional Outrider Malibu Sunglasses
  7. Gradient Malibu Sunglasses: These lightweight polycarbonate sunglasses with an attractive gradient color pattern featuring silver accents will make your brand logo popular in no time.Promotional Gradient Malibu Sunglasses
  8. Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses: The polarized, shield mirrored lenses with UV400 features will make these sunglasses a great choice for road warriors, beach events, golf holidays and more. Customize these light weight polycarbonate sunglasses with your brand and message to put it on a portability curve!Customized Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses
  9. Outrider Malibu Sunglasses : Outsmart your competitors in style and impress your audience by handing out these attractive UV resistant sunglasses made of light weight polycarbonate material. These CPSIA compliant shades with Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver or Green Mirrored Lenses will make the hottest talking topics in town!Promotional Outrider Malibu Sunglasses
  10. Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses: Black frame, Smoke lens and also Bamboo temples will make these outdoor friendly Malibu sunglasses a cut above the rest. Put your brand on and hog the limelight. These logo items will make great handouts especially for green themed events like Earth Day promotions.Custom Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Can’t get enough of these trendy sunglasses that are made to last long and look great? Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs.