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2017 Halloween Sunglasses And Costume Trends For All Age Groups

Halloween is the best time to try out weird, obnoxious and even downright silly costume ideas- all in the name of fun. If you are looking to impress everyone with the latest costume ideas of the year, we have a few tips to share with you. A little long toothed when it comes to partying, we at Sunglassville always keep our fingers firmly on the changing pulse of the Halloween party scene.

2017 Halloween Sunglasses And Costume Trends For All Age Groups

The most popular costume idea among millennial and the youngsters this year is likely to be super hero followed by pirates. People even dress up their pets in their favorite character. With over 171 billion people expected to celebrate Halloween this year, it is undeniably the most popular festival in the country next only to Christmas. From popular characters, quirky costume ideas and something special like pop and movie culture outfits, there are a lot of options to consider.

Once you have your heart set on your favorite costume idea, it is time to shop for matching accessories like wigs and sunglasses. Though we may not be able to do much in helping you choose the right wigs, we can drop some clues on the best sunglasses for Halloween costume events for sure.

Super hero costumes: With these stylish sunglasses your recipients are one step closer to a complete super hero who is here to save the world from the evil. Here are some of our suggestions in custom sunglasses.

  • Purple Light Up LED Sunglasses: Give a super human identity to your profile with these glamorous and unearthly sunglasses that will grab the attention of everyone easily. Put your brand on for maximum exposure.
  • Bat Shaped LED Flashing Sunglasses: Planning to don the role of the American cultural icon of batman? Make sure you have these bat shaped LED sunglasses that will transform your recipients to their favorite character in no time.
  • Multi Color Neon Look Navigator EL Shades: These trendy sunglasses will leave a hypnotic effect on the onlookers and anything imprinted on these crowd pleasers will never go unnoticed.

Pirate Costumes: Be it a ghost pirate, a swashbuckler pirate or a high sea pirate no outfit will be complete without a matching pair of sunglasses. These Mustache Hype Black Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses will make a great choice to top off your costume. It makes a great giveaway during birthday parties, disco parties and costume parties as well. Personalize these with your artwork or Halloween message to leave a lasting impression

Mustache Hype Black Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses

Zombie costumes: Hugely popular Halloween party zombie costume ideas will offer scope for lot of innovation. If you are planning a Halloween costume party in your community or for your employees, don’t forget to shop for these quirky lens imprinted sunglasses that will enhance the mysterious profile of the character. Some of the items to consider include Abstract Colorful Lens Imprinted Black Oahu Sunglasses or Colorful White Custom Malibu Sunglasses among others.

Abstract Colorful Lens Imprinted Black Oahu Sunglasses

Do you have more costume ideas for Halloween? Feel free to share with us at the comments section.