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4  Stylish Sunglasses For Summer Events

Sunglasses are some of the most popular promotional products for summer events because these are fun, functional and fashionable alike.

Nothing says summer like sunglasses. Choose from a wide range of trending custom sunglasses that will make your recipients look great in their snapshots! The style and colors that you choose and the way you place the brand can all have a lot of impact on  your promotional swag.

Bamboo sunglasses

Further, if you are looking for something classic and timeless, bamboo sunglasses will make a great choice. Laser engrave your logo on one side for a premium finish for special events and summer campaigns.

Neon sunglasses

Say your summer event with colors. Invest in these custom neon sunglasses that are available in a palette of brilliant colors. Brand the arm of the sunglasses with your logo and design. Keep it subtle and tasteful so they can easily pair it with a casual outfit.

Malibu sunglasses

Elegant and UV resistant, UV resistant Malibu sunglasses are a rage among the fashion savvy and the outdoorsy alike. Best of all, these are not just for fashion but will ensure UVA and UVB protection as well.

color changing sunglasses

Celebrate the summer mood with these sunglasses that change color when it’s exposed to sunlight. Choose from four different mood colors to complement your branding theme. Your recipients will indeed be excited to share the snaps of these brilliant sunglasses that change colors while your brand gets a lot of publicity.

Now that you have some trending sunglasses on hand, it is time for you to delve deeper into the benefits of sunglasses.


Sunglasses are indeed an incredibly popular way to reach your customers and get your message right on the hands of your prospects. Everyone will be excited at the thought of getting a free pair of sunglasses for their collection. Afterall, everyone needs multiple sets of sunglasses, to match their different summer dressing styles.


Sunglasses also show that you are committed in making the daily lives of your audience just a bit easier. Going out in the sun without eye protection can indeed be disastrous, due to the potential risk of UV exposure. UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses will  definitely ensure eye safety while boosting your outdoor brand exposure. Win-win .  Start making your brand’s point with custom promotional sunglasses!

Budget friendly

Probably what makes sunglasses amazing promotional items is its low cost advantage that make it fit for all types of promotional scope. Especially ideal for mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns, custom sunglasses  will indeed make a  promotional item for low budget promotions.

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