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5 Myths About Sunglasses Busted

Most people don’t put a lot of thought into sunglasses apart from rating these as fashion accessories. A matching pair of sunglasses will complement the outfits and the summer fashion alright. But the most important function of sunglasses is that it keeps eyes healthy.

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Here are some common myths about sunglasses.

Sunglasses are needed only when it is sunny: The fact is that even when the sun remains hidden and it is cloudy, UV rays exist in the atmosphere and can damage the eyes. UV risks are prevalent even during snow and winter season. It is paradoxical that in  winter, UV risks is much higher as the snow reflects most of the UV rays, thereby increasing the risks of exposure. So, make sure to wear your sunglasses on both sunny and cloudy days!

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Darker Lenses keep eyes cool

Darker lenses cannot protect your eyes better because it is the UV resistant feature of lenses that Indicate how much protection sunglasses can offer and not the lens colors.

 Kids Don’t Need Sunglasses

Both adults and kids need sunglasses to keep the eyes safe. In fact kids may need more sun protection for their eyes since the eyes are not fully developed and the retina can be highly sensitive to UV rays. The fact 80% of an eye’s exposure to UV rays happens during childhood   highlights the importance on why kids need sunglasses. So get the UV resistant sunglasses to keep their eyes well protected from UV exposure.

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 Any Sunglasses can protect the Eyes

Not all sunglasses are effective against UV rays. Choose sunglasses with proper UV protection because only these can keep the eyes safe. Most people choose sunglasses that have dark colored lenses, which can do more harm than good; because dark lenses block out light, making your pupils open up wider and more harmful UV rays enter your eyes!

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 Polarized Lenses Offer UV Protection

Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare and not to ensure UV protection unless these have UV resistant lenses. So, make sure that the polarized sunglasses you choose have UV resistant lenses for full protection. Polarized lenses are recommended during water activities, cruise, angling etc as it enhances the color clarity and depth of vision.

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Now that you have a fair idea of the best sunglasses for UV protection and how to choose these, you can make these accessories as your summer swag or your fund raising item this season.  Easy to customize, these stylish promotional sunglasses are hard to resist and will enjoy a long retention among the audience.