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5 Reasons to  Consider Custom Sunglasses  For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Custom sunglasses as promotional swag  is a great choice for most marketers due to the incredible  appeal of sunglasses among clients of all age groups. Here are some reasons that make sunglasses a popular handout or events and promotional campaigns.



Give your customers that little bit extra oomph plus practical value with custom sunglasses. People are more likely to keep corporate gifts that serve a clear purpose, and custom sunglasses do just that. Everyone needs sunglasses for the sunny outdoors, for their stylish party days and to stay safe from the UV risks. Plus , people usually use more than one pair of sunglasses; so even if your clients already have one, they will be happy to receive another.

Excellent value for money

Another reason why promotional sunglasses are such good value is that these travel wherever your recipients go thereby ensuring more brand exposure. Offered in every price rate, sunglasses are suitable for  even small businesses and startups.

Sun Ray Crystal Lens Sunglasses


Gain multiple impressions for your brand as your message imprinted on sunglasses will get a new set of audience at all times and are even seen many times a day to make multiple impressions at one time investment. People use sunglasses when they leave the house, during road trips, picnics, beach holidays and a lot of other instances on a daily basis.

The fact that sunglasses  remain in plain sight  of the public increases the likelihood that they will be seen by more people other than the users. Promotional sunglasses  left lying on desks or perched on the forehead of the user will  expose your brand to potential new customers.

Custom Printed Retro Sunglasses

Easy to distribute

Compact and lightweight, custom sunglasses can be sent out as mailer gifts for your remote clients and employees. It will add an element of surprise to the envelopes and will increase the likelihood of your recipients opening the mailers, since everybody loves getting a free gift!

Like any other gift, sunglasses can also be handed out at events, during store promotions and at trade shows as it doesn’t require much effort to store it in large quantities or  transport  wherever you need to.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Limitless options

Promotional sunglasses are available in a wide range of models and price rates. Sunglasses can be even more useful if you choose combo models like  bottle opener sunglasses that come handy not just to shield their eyes but also to pop a drink. Ideal for restaurant or catering businesses, these sunglasses will add a fun twist to your promotions as well.

Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Floating sunglasses or color changing sunglasses are picture perfect for promoting fun events,  pool parties and more. By giving your customers these innovative models you will set yourself apart from the competition and make your clients feel doubly grateful!

Floating Malibu Sunglasses

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