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5 Summer Promo Ideas for Businesses- Must Read

Businesses require constant promotion to stand out in the competition, get the attention of their audience and engage them with your message. There are countless ways of promotions. Here are some suggestions.

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 A BOGO Deal

Customers love freebies and attractive deals. Buy one, get one free is one of the proven strategies that can be adopted. It is a great way to kick-start your summer promotions. Spread the word through social media and set a short period for this promotional offer. This will increase the footfalls considerably and will give a feeler to first time shoppers.

Customized gifts

Whether you wish to increase footfalls of your store, make new leads or increase brand popularity, custom sunglasses will make a great choice to consider. Custom sunglasses will give your prospects a reason to come in more often to your stores.

Probably nothing can beat the charm of custom gifts in getting your logo right into the middle of your audience  and gain their goodwill. Sunglasses will make a great summer favorite and a popular fashion accessory. Choose from an assortment of crowd pleasing models and colors that will appease everyone in your audience. Customize these with fun quotes, holiday taglines or artwork or mascot that go well with the summer outdoor fun to drive up the appeal of your custom gifts.

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Probably the best way to turn the attention of your customers to your brand will be discounts. Announce a discount sale to get more shoppers in and increase your brand popularity.

Themed promotions

Plan a themed promotion like Back-To-School sales or Summer Fun promotions with special focus on summer staples and back to school items.  It will help you reach out to this highly targeted audience group and the outdoorsy crowd. Deck up the stores in summer colors and themes and create a festive milieu. It is a great way to make word of mouth publicity and get referral crowd

 Refer A Friend

Referrals are a sustainable way to get fresh leads for businesses. Inspire your consumers to refer your stores to their friends or people whom they know. Every time your customers refer someone, they will be eligible for a discount voucher or a surprise gift. It will make a great incentive to for them while you can draw new followers and reap maximum benefits without any concerted effort or investment.

Online contests

Increase the engagement of your customers and enhance the friendly appeal of your brand by organizing fun contests like selfie contest. The best entries can be featured in your special media pages and the winners get interesting gifts. It is a great way to get your audience discuss about your business in their circles.

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These are only some of the countless promotional possibilities to get your name out there. Put on your creative caps and come up with something interesting every time to keep the fun tide on and keep your audience excited!