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70’s Sunglasses to Consider in 2014

1970’s were referred as an “era of golden fashion” and their echoes are still fresh in minds of people. The age of overpowering sunglasses and wild hues is back with a bang and the trend is going to make headlines in 1970’s, too. In 2014, you can rest your hopes on following choices of 70’s sunglasses –

Lennon Sunglasses

  • Foldable Sunglasses – They were a big hit in 1970’s and through 80’s. They have made a sort of comeback in 2010 and are still going strong. Foldable aviators, oahus, and blues brother sunglasses- all sound so amazing. You can easily carry them within pockets without complaining about space constraints.
  • Cat Eyes – Feel the feline inside you popping out by wearing cat eye sunglasses! You can round off a vintage, retro or edgy look by wearing cat eyes sunglasses. Go for ornate pieces such as embellishments or metallic accentuations, if you really wish to look great. You can team it with bright flowing gowns or a peppy outfit such as A-line skirt, tie-front blouse or polka dotted shoes. With this choice, you are going to the smartest kitty the Main Street has ever witnessed!
  • Classic Aviators – Strong is a word, which best describes sunglasses from 50’s, which were popular through 70’s, too. They never really faded into oblivion and have inspired many good selling designs over the years. The demand for classic aviators is at all- time high than previous years and people are simply going crazy about them.  Don’t miss the chance to feel good about yourself!
  • Oversized glasses – They became popular through mid-70s, when Elton John wore them as a part of Captain Fantastic act. Oversized sunglasses with larger lenses and frames became popular with people who wished to arch their long nose. Jackie O sunglasses dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis were a hit in 1960’s, when she became the most photographed woman on earth. Larger Jackie-O sunglasses in earthy shades got popular in 70’s and they are still going strong!

70’s Sunglasses to Consider in 2014

  • Elvis Sunglasses – Who said Elvis has relapsed into pages of history? His musical legacy and fashion choices left deep impact on minds of people around the world. An Elvis sunglass is the coolest summer fashion accessory and easily makes you the “Sirius star of a 70’s party”. You can walk in attitude by wearing Elvis style aviator sunglasses!
  • Round Sunglasses – They remind about gorgeous 70’s and have been trending for a long time. Even though they have an old world charm, still you can go for accentuated inspirations. Lennon sunglasses are the popular choice from this category and you can feel that Lennon ghost overpowering you! From rimless to metal and plastic rims, the choices are simply amazing. You’d just love them!

Bask in the glory of “retro and vintage” look imparted by above mentioned 70’s style custom sunglasses and walk in attitude by wearing them at your next retro themed 70’s party.