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Advertise Your Brand with Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the classic promotional products for marketers. A pair of stunning sunglasses will set your brand apart in the competition while keeping your logo in plain sight of the audience. Choose an understated customization or bold design to create the right promotional effect

Sunglasses are something everyone needs to stay cool and stylish in the sunny outdoors. Whether they have a golf weekend or a pool party on cards, the first thing they will reach out to is sunglasses. Thus these accessories make a subtle way to advertise your brand and make a lasting impression.

Here are some solid reasons why you should advertise your brand with custom sunglasses.

Custom sunglasses ensure eye level promotion

Wearbles like custom sunglasses generate the most impressions. As the basic goal of any advertising is to generate consistent brand impressions, custom sunglasses will indeed make a great handout to consider. Just think of the exposure your brand will get as your recipients wear it. It will make walking talking billboards where your brand remains exactly at the customer’s eye level.

Bringing the message right into the consumer’s line of vision will make a sure fire way to make impressions as there is no element of chance involved here as in conventional advertisements like billboards. Stylish and practical, custom sunglasses will always make your message stay in plain sight of the audience.

Make use of the subtle imprint area

Sunglasses have a small yet strategic imprint space for you to place your logo and message. This will help you to highlight your brand without throwing it in their face . These days, subtlety goes a long way in branding.  Your recipients will indeed remember your brand for the understated customization tone that you adopted for custom sunglasses.

Sunglasses are popular all round the year

Most promotional items are season specific and hence may offer only short term promotional advantage. However handouts like sunglasses remain popular in all 4 seasons especially because UV rays  prevail in the atmosphere all through and not necessarily only when the sun is exposed. Damaging UV rays still make their way through on a cloudy day. Did you know that  snow reflects 80 percent of the sun’s rays? So, ideally sunglasses should  be worn even in winter.

Enhance brand recall

 Custom sunglasses will help your recipients remember your brand for a long time. Simply by putting your brand on sunglasses you can enhance brand visibility while offering practical protection for the eyes of the recipients. Win –win

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