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April 25 Is Take Your Child To Work Day- Plan Your Promotions With Custom Sunglasses

April 25 is Take Your Child to Work Day, which is an age-old annual tradition that is enthusiastically celebrated by scores of professionals, shop owners and corporate honchos alike. It gives the proud parents a wonderful chance to show the kids their work stations, introduce their colleagues and to indulge in some fun activities together.

April 25 Is Take Your Child To Work Day- Plan Your Promotions With Custom Sunglasses

We at Sunglassville are excited at the mere idea of bringing our little ones to our office and have planned something exciting. Do you need some smart tips to celebrate this day in style? Here we go!

Fun gifts and activities for Take Your Child to Work Day

Fun gifts

Make sure to keep a goodie bag filled with some custom gifts that kids will love. Let everyone in your office know who’s celebrating this year’s event. Custom Sunglasses will be a great choice as kids will love these trendy shades as these can be personalized with fun quotes, cartoon characters or peppy slogans to make it special. Loads of fun and character, these kids sunglasses will make wonderful collectibles as well and nostalgic tokens of their childhood for a very long time. They will surely love to show these off to their friends and teachers and earn the bragging rights of the day. Afterall, we all as kids have loved to talk about our dad’s office or mom’s friendly colleagues.

Custom sunglasses will take the fun spirit up and will make your corporate brand popular. We have handpicked a few interesting models for you

  • Color Changing Sunglasses: Kids love colors and these color changing sunglasses will steal their little hearts in no time! The UV400 protection will make it a perfect pick for outdoors while the assorted color combinations will make it a perfect party staple!Custom Imprinted Kids Color Changing Sunglasses
  • Kids Malibu Sunglasses: Keep the kids safe from the harmful UV rays with these custom kids Malibu sunglasses. Wow your little guests with these UV400 sunglasses that are offered in assorted colors. These fashionable sunglasses are great for kids between ages 7 -1 3Custom Printed Kids Malibu Sunglasses - Assorted Colors
  • Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses: These stylish sunglasses inspired by the rock band of Blue Brothers will be a hot choice as kids love to imitate their favorite Hollywood actors and singers everytime. Any kid will love to wear these Blue brothers kids sunglasses for their friends during themed birthday or music parties and see how these drop dead gorgeous sunglasses will become their favorite talking topic!Customized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Corporate games

Kids are probably the best brand ambassadors for any business. Let kids feel part of the corporate fun and games on this day that will help them get a hang of what goes on within the office of their parents. Kids love to act out adult roles. Plan a skit or games like an office scavenger hunt – It will be fun and interaction for the kids.

Dining out

Employees can plan dining out with kids, which will break the ice and help the kids to make new friends. You can even prompt your employees to show the kids around the area. A relaxed stroll in the woods nearby or a short sight-seeing jaunt will all add to the fun and will give a break to the employees .

Fun competitions

Plan a raffle game or some fun competitions for the kids and get some prizes for everyone. You can even think of some arts and crafts competition for kids like paper art , drawing or sculpting and how about distributing these cool stuff to everyone in the group. These will make perfect souvenirs of the day and they will surely love to use these everyday at school and talk about the great fun they had at office.

Last but not least, having the little ones at office can be chaotic. So, make sure you have a backup plan in place to make sure that everything works out the way you want. Keep the conference room set up with a TV and a few kids’ movies to keep the boisterous kids engaged in the last hour or two of the workday as the employees rush through to finish their work of the day.