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Back To School Sunglasses – Product spotlight

Surprised to hear us saying about back to school sunglasses when the current school year is not yet over? Back to school promotional strategies are made well in advance and school administrators and managers may be already wracking their brains to come up with gifts that are hard to resist to drive admissions and keep their school brand right on top of the minds of their customers. Colleges and universities trying to grab the attention of the fashion savvy audience will surely find custom sunglasses a great gift choice. Offered in a range of price rates and models, sunglasses will look good on everyone and will bring in a quick makeover.

Back To School Sunglasses – Product spotlight

Back to school season in fall season calls for a change in the styles. Get ahead in the game with these shades that are perfect for autumn promotions and make sure that your institution remains the most popular in town.


Classic and made popular by the Hollywood icons, airplane pilots and security officials, good looks are in the genes of these shades! Exuding an irresistible appeal and macho charm, navigator sunglasses takes things to the next level with ease. Choose from various interesting models including navigator with mirrored lenses that will look good on a vacation as well as in college campus alike. These cool shades can be paired with jeans and polo shirts to create the best impression on the first day in class!

Oak Camo Frame Wrap Sunglasses

These UV protected sunglasses will be a great choice for the students to start the new academic year in style. Fun and stylish, these will make a great addition to the autumn style and will make them well spotted during community activities and school spirit rallies. Match it with an understated school uniform during work week or a brilliant apparel in weekend and watch those heads turn!

Nerdy sunglasses

A huge rage among students who are nerdy or just want to bring in a serious twist to their profile, these clear lens sunglasses can be worn just about anywhere.

Gradients style

The gradient pattern that sees a gradual blending of one color to another, usually moving tints from light to dark will make a great choice with any outfit. Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses will make a great choice to consider. These shades can be used cleverly to dress up or dress down as per the occasion and make the crowd go crazy!

Promotional Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Round sunglasses

Lennon sunglasses: Introduced by none other than the legendary John Lennon, these round sunglasses with unique black rims at the end of frames will make a great choice to consider. This celebrity trend will never go out of fashion no matter whether someone choose to wear it with summer prints or with ankle denim and light sweater in the autumn season. Customize these with your brand and message and enjoy the magic!

Lennon Sunglasses

We have a lot more in custom sunglasses that will fit the bill of back to school promotions. Shop from our extensive collection of sunglasses that will make the world see your brand at a fresh angle.