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 Benefits Of Promotional Sunglasses That Are Often Overlooked!

Imprinted sunglasses will make a great addition to any marketing mix especially during summer events and outdoor trade shows. If you thought promotional handouts are old school marketing tools that may not have much of a say in today’s digital world of social media and TV ads, you could be off target by miles!


Popular promotional merchandise like custom sunglasses can really help to boost your company’s branding. Did you know that tangible giveaways will ensure a threefold increase in brand loyal customers compared to other promotional media like TV or print?

By getting your logo and message imprinted on these stylish accessories you can enhance your brand recognition and leads. Let’s be frank about it. Imprinted sunglasses are something that is hard to resist.  Every time your recipients sport these trendy sunglasses, they will drive up a buzz among their friends and even in social media pages, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience.

 Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Sunglasses make your brand memorable

Surveys show that 88 per cent of consumers said they remembered brands that handed out promotional giveaways.  When you have popular handouts like sunglasses that nobody can ever have too many, your customers will associate your business with positive vibes and happy memories.

Navigator Sunglasses with 2 Colors

Practical gifts like sunglasses enjoy high retention

Sunglasses are useful to your customers and every time they wear it at parties, picnics or on the go, your message will get a wide angle display. The right promotional products get high retention and utility. So if you wish to raise brand awareness without repeat investment or effort, logo sunglasses are a great way to gain a high number of impressions.

Rimless Sunglasses

Increase brand visibility

Trendy accessories like sunglasses go a long way in driving up your brand visibility. So even if you don’t make a sale immediately, these giveaways that people see or use regularly will help to reinforce brand recognition among your target audience. Next time when your audience may need services of products similar to yours, they will surely choose a brand that is familiar like yours rather than opting for something new!

Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses w/ 18 Colors

Get noticed for a longer time!

While most conventional ads like print or radio have only a very short shelf life, handouts like sunglasses are likely to be a permanent and memorable fixtures in many people’s lives. Sunglasses are retained for years together whereas a TV ad disappears within a flash.

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