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Benefits of Using Rubberized Sunglasses for Promotions

Rubberized sunglasses are becoming the next big hot thing with marketers who are trying to seek high benefits from their low value investments. Companies are using such reliable giveaways to reach out to large section of their customers and to strengthen their business bonds. By gifting away rubber sunglasses, these businesses are not only trying to build values around their brand but also trying to show their concern for customers.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, marketers are seen hugely preferring rubberized eyewear patterns for gifting because they are –

Rubberized Sunglasses

  • Affordable – Rubberized frames and plastic lenses are cheaper than most metallic variants or plastic sunglasses that you see. Marketers find it easier to connect to such custom sunglasses in terms of quality, expectations and budget. Also, huge discounts are offered on bulk orders of these rubberized framed sunglasses at most reputed online sunglass stores.
  • Skin friendly – Plastic or metal frames may appear slightly tighter around ears and they start hurting when it sweats. The rubber frames sit lightly around the temples and holds the eyeglasses in place. Rubber sunglasses suits most people who are allergic towards metals and plastic frames.
  • Recommended for people involved in high risk sports – Most marketers target large segment of customers with varied personal preferences, which means their targets may involved adventure seekers and sports men, too. In such cases, they can easily afford to invest in an imprinted rubberized sunglass without second thoughts because it is one eyewear pattern, which is loved by them. Rubberized frames help to manage the eyewear around eyes and they rarely come down even during hiking or mountaineering or biking, thereby putting a wearer at peace.
  • Highly fashionable – As suggested rubber is a lightweight material and can be easily molded into fashionable patterns. So, don’t get surprised, if you find stylish eyeglass frames in rubber! These rubberized frames impart styles to even regular eye lenses and they are highly preferred over plastic frames in most patterns.
  • Loved by everyone – If you look closely, it can be observed that metal and plastic sunglasses are particularly popular with people with people of certain age groups. However, rubberized sunglasses are loved by everyone. People find them trendy and in sync with fashion. Also, they are happy that most of them can be easily wrapped and managed within pockets or bags easily than plastic and metallic sunglasses. This factor is hugely exploited by marketers who have made up mind to invest in sunglasses.

Improved goodwill and increased brand recognition are two most real benefits that lure marketers to try out rubberized sunglasses year after year.  If you are yet to do it, then it is high time to hit at it.