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Best Ways to Use Custom Sunglasses For Marketing

Business promotions are no kids play.  No matter which  business niche you are in, competition is fierce. Only a creative promotional campaign can attract new customers. When advertising dollars are limited, planning a promotional strategy can be easier said than done!

 But you don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing when you have popular giveaways like custom sunglasses as merchandise.  Reusable and ecofriendly, sunglasses will also let your brand join the go-green movement.  Surveys show that 92% of customers are more likely to do business with environmentally conscious brands. So, custom sunglasses will surely make an effective  merchandise to promote your brand and  impress the audience.

Why custom sunglasses


 Sunglasses are a useful item everyone needs in their daily lives to stay UV safe and fashionable alike. Most people will have atleast 2-3 pairs of sunglasses to meet their diverse dressing styles and seasonal needs. So, when you hand out sunglasses, you can be sure that your recipients will use them without fail rather than shove it in their closet only to forget about!  Your logo and an ecofriendly message on sunglasses will provide value to people’s lives. Because every time people use them, they will become more sensitive to the social cause and your brand.

Long lasting

In addition, sunglasses are made to last long and look great! In fact sunglasses are seldom discarded. So, you can imagine  the number of impressions you will get using sunglasses in your marketing campaigns.


Sunglasses typically cost less and use fewer resources during production when compared to most other promotional products. So, these accessories have only a smaller carbon footprint.


Besides, sunglasses can be customized exactly the way marketers wish to cater to their promotional needs. Whether running a special campaign or a routine marketing exercise, sunglasses fit perfectly. Being authentic will put your brand ahead. Add a personal touch  by adding a  catchphrase or slogan that relates to your branding theme and that stays true to your brand’s voice. The right customization can also ensure an authentic branding experience for the users.

Make sure to use eye-catching designs because most people wish something unique. An interesting design will easily pique interest in the minds of people and make them curious to know more  about your business. Using corporate colors and taglines that are unique to your brand will make it easier for people to identify your business when they see these sunglasses.

Countless options

Sunglasses are also available  in various trendy models in just about every budget. For instance you can use classic models like navigator sunglasses in a slightly higher price rate for high value clients whereas for standard marketing, you can use budget friendly models like Malibu sunglasses or neon sunglasses.

Targeted promotions

Creating a niche market is indeed the stepping stone to success in marketing. It is not viable to promote your brand to everyone. Sunglasses being light weight and easy to distribute will help you to get your message across to the niche audience, where there is more possibility of making leads.   For instance, if you are into sports niche, it will indeed be a smart idea to hand out sports sunglasses at sports events. 

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