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Budget friendly Custom Sunglasses – One For Each Day!

Though the idea of having a new pair of shades for each day might sounds too good to be true, the bulk order deals and discounts have made it easy for marketers to leave their audience impressed with the choicest sunglasses. It would be truly amazing for your recipients to get more than a pair of shades as they step into your tradeshow booth or special store promotions. Sunglasses are offered in a wide range of pretty cool designs that will literally sweep your recipients off their feet.

budget friendly

Sunglasses can round off the style profile of the users easily; sometimes all they need is a right pair of sunglasses to change their appearance from casual to formal and from golf grounds to board rooms. Sunglasses have an incredible promotional potential that can be exploited. Offered in various styles, colors and price points, these logo items offer a lot of choices and a wide elbow room for the marketers to work their way towards an interesting and engaging marketing campaign.

Starting at prices at just a few cents, custom sunglasses have very low cost of impressions as they continue to make brand impressions all its life.  During mass events like tradeshows or mailer campaigns you can even consider buying an assortment of popular models like navigator sunglasses, the UV resistant Oahu sunglasses, the ever popular bamboo sunglasses and a lot more that will literally give your recipients the option to wear one for each day!

Sunglasses never go out of season as people wear these everytime not just to beat UV risks but to look stylish and dapper as well. Gender neutral and versatile, sunglasses can be used to promote every type of event and brand as well, which is another big plus of these logo items. Marketers often spend days on end trying to find the most popular handout that their target audience will find appealing. Handing out something that holds no interest to your audience is the last thing that any marketer may do. When you make custom sunglasses as your swag you are rest assured that you have the hottest gifts in town that not many people can resist! The more the number of people who wear your custom sunglasses, the more will be your brand exposure.

Here are some crowd pleasing models that will ensure more value for your promotional dime.

Bamboo sunglasses: your recipients can literally get back to the basics with these simple and nature friendly frames. Put your brand to highlight your eco consciousness and brand image all at once.

Custom Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Folding Malibu Sunglasses: These sunglasses fold down to convenient size to fit into pockets or bags with ease. A perfect way to bring your brand a big exposure during marketing events and tradeshows.

Custom Folding Malibu Sunglasses

Color Changing Sunglasses The frosted color frames change color when they are exposed to sunlight. It will make a clever way to engage your audience with your brand in a fun way. Shop now.

Custom Printed Color Changing Sunglasses

Browse our collection to find the latest arrivals in sunglasses that offer limitless models that will ensure One pair for each day for your audience!