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Build Your Brand Image With These Iconic Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses will always be one of the most popular promotional products on planet earth because everyone wears them and there is a style that suits everyone’s personal style. Here are some iconic sunglasses that your recipients will easily associate with your professional brand. By choosing these evergreen fashion sunglasses as your marketing items, you are rest assured that your brand will get a lot of attention and word of mouth publicity as well.

  • Navigator Style

Navigator sunglasses are inspired by the original pilot’s glasses that were designed for the pilots to replace the bulky flight goggles to keep away the sun’s rays. Navigator sunglasses also became popular for outdoorsy personnel like police, sportsmen and more. Its popularity reached a crescendo during WW2 when they became the sunglasses of the esteemed General Douglas MacArthur.

Customized Navigator Sunglasses w/ 5 Colors

Navigator sunglasses are well suited for those involved in outdoor activities, sports or aviation. Offered in various lens colors and models like mirrored sunglasses that offer a playful pop of colors and casual charm apart from simple tinted lenses, navigator sunglasses will indeed make a great promotional gift.

  • Oahu Sunglasses

These lightweight plastic sunglasses changed the designs and possibility of sunglasses on its head literally. A firm favorite of creative souls like musicians and actors, these sleek and stylish Oahu sunglasses are offered in a range of models like foldable sunglasses, half frame Oahu sunglasses and a lot more. Customize these with your brand and  message to make it a happening billboard for your brand and message.

Customized Blues Brothers Style Glasses with Clear Lens

  • Party sunglasses

Holiday season is the best time for people to party hard and to set the dance floors on fire. So, custom party sunglasses will make a great addition to your holiday swag. These intriguing cat eye shaped LED sunglasses will make a great choice to promote nightclubs, dance nights and new Year eve parties among others. Customize these with your brand and message to make it an attention grabbing  custom gift that nobody can resist.  Cat Eye had been a favorite choice of many celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and  Marilyn Monroe for its feminine flair and its ability to accentuate the facial features of the females.

Promotional Multi Color Neon Look Navigator EL Shades

Multi Color Neon Look Navigator EL Shades is another top selling accessory that can be used to promote festivals, clubs and concerts. Your brand on these CPSIA compliant sunglasses will enjoy a sweeping effect beyond the party floors. Offered with 3 light modes, these sunglasses will create a dazzling spectacle

  • John Lennon Style

John Lennon style sunglasses or round sunglasses is another go- to staples of the 60s and 70s. Incredibly popular among the intellectuals and pop stars, these sunglasses made popular by the rock icon John Lennon, still continues to make a delightful gift that reminds of the hippie culture and the carefree lifestyle that it has set off.

Lennon Sunglasses

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