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 Custom Kids sunglasses For Children’s Party

Finding the perfect handout for kids’ birthday isn’t easy. Kids are hard to please and demanding and when you have the responsibility of hosting a memorable birthday party for kids, you need the best handouts on a budget.

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Sunglasses will make a great choice to consider for summer events, outdoor parties and infact for any occasion. Cute and colorful, these gender neutral accessories will change any ordinary party into something truly exciting. Kids will look cool in these shades in their birthday snapshots as well.

Designed to look great and withstand the rough handling of kids, custom sunglasses will last until you can party no more! Light weight and unbreakable frames will ensure absolute comfort for the little ones. These make great handouts for birthdays, costume parties, carnivals and more

Perfect to fit every kids face, kids sunglasses will appease every little one in your gift. Here are some of the interesting models that you will find interesting.

Classic choices

Originally designed for pilots and security personnel, navigator sunglasses have come a long way to become style accessories for everyone including kids. UV resistant and stylish, kids will love to get these shades as party favors for sure. Kids navigator sunglasses offered in assorted colors will make a great way to get the party started and keep the fun on.

Kids Navigator Sunglasses

Blues Brother Style Kids Sunglasses  Designed like the ionic sunglasses made famous by the Blues brothers’ bands, these trendy sunglasses will make the little ones popular over night! Great for parties and kids events, these sunglasses will leave the kids truly excited.

Blues Brother Style Kids Sunglasses

Shapes that steal hearts

Kids are instantly turned on by interesting shapes and colors. This is what makes star shaped sunglasses a great choice. Offered in various frame colors, these sunglasses will literally make the kids the star of the party.

Star Shaped Sunglasses

Changing colors

Anyone will love to watch the frames that change color in the sunlight! Impress the kids in the party with these color changing sunglasses with UV protection features. Your message imprinted on these frames will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

 Lens imprinted sunglasses

Who doesn’t like the attention that these lens imprinted sunglasses will earn them? Offered in a wide range of colors, lens imprinted sunglasses will give a dramatic charm to the users.  You can customize these with cartoon figures, fun quotes or anything that kids will find interesting. Choose from a range of interesting colors to make it more appealing.

Boom Kids Orange Custom Oahu Sunglasses

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