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Custom printed sunglasses- novel promotional giveaways

Custom printed sunglasses are good options to create a niche and to stay ahead in the competitive market. Think out of the box and chuck out all those run of the mill promotional ideas that you have been toying with to promote your products. To reach out to their target base and to retain the attention of customers companies and trade houses continuously strive to bring out the most innovative and interesting promotional ideas and gifts.

Beach Resort Logo Purple Customized Sunglasses

These stylish and functional sunglasses that offer the best of both the worlds of stylish looks and excellent UV protection features would go a long way in pulling up your brand from obscurity. In these promotional logo lenses sunglasses, the advertisers can grab that “IT” space over customer’s eyes, which allows them to create larger brand impressions.

Printed lens custom sunglasses make excellent giveaways during tradeshows, sports fan gear, awareness and fundraising token, colleges and sororities giveaway and many more. Available in one size that fits all these have UV400 tinted lenses that make it perfect for outdoors on a sunny day.

Watch the social media go tizzy as these custom printed promotional sunglasses take on the centre stage. These make perfect tools for brand building, promotional events, product launch and many others. You can display your logo, artwork or message directly on your target audience, to be worn many times over. The guests at the event wear these branded lenses not only at your event, but also later as they go about their daily life, giving your brand promotion a viral effect! See your brand value rise as your customers donning these stunning eyewear with your brand image popping up, post photos on social networks, and spread your message beyond your initial event.

Zap Kids Green Personalized Sunglasses

Choose from a range of online mock ups with the help of the in house graphic experts at Sunglass Ville to choose an imprint design that suits your needs. The high quality printing makes our eyewear waterproof and extremely durable. . Images and words are simply printed onto the lenses and the best part is that these wont hinder the vision of those who wear it. Throw in heaps of fun and color on to your promotional campaign and trigger an interest among your target audience with these promotional sunglasses that are designed to make an impression! There is a range of promotional sunglasses including the following:

Beach resorts marketers who are planning an outdoor promotional event in summer would find the beach resort logo purple customized sunglasses really special. A huge hit among breach goers, these sunglasses can be used to promote various products. Your customers would love to flaunt these customized sunglasses to parties and other public events, too. Beach resorts, which are trying to build strong customer base within short time can always order this sunglasses in bulk and seek favorable discounts.

Let the Go green mantra enliven the party milieu with these wondrous zap kids green personalized sunglasses. These green imprinted sunglasses make a perfect or business giveaway during green parties that are held on days of environmental interest such as Earth Day, World Environment Day, etc. Apart from brand building these sunglasses can promote the go green concept that holds the key to the sustenance of life on planet Earth!