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Custom Sunglasses And Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is here and everyone is wracking their brains to find a unique or gawky costume idea that will get them spotted and leave the spectators in surprise. On a Halloween costume party, it is perfectly alright to dress up quirky, creepy or downright hilarious and yet win accolades and grab the spotlight. So, make sure that you leave nothing to chance in getting transformed to your Halloween character before you get busy visiting haunted houses or indulge in trick or treating with kids.

Most people stick to their favorite and time tested costume ideas like ghosts and vampires. But for those looking for something unique, here are some fun tips to spice up your costume ideas of Halloween.

Costume ideas that go well with Navigator sunglass
Police costume is probably one of the most popular costume ideas for Halloween for both men and women and the navigator sunglasses will make your cop costume super stylish. You can even choose to don the role of a super bike racer, a fighter pilot or even the iconic character of Zach Galifianakis in the Hangover trilogy where these sunglasses will make a superb accessory. These stylish navigator glasses will set you ahead of the many contestants in the Halloween costume party for sure. We have rush orders for all your last minute shopping needs, which means that you have still enough time to get these super stylish sunglasses.Custom Printed Aviator SunglassesCostumes with Oaho sunglasses
These sunglasses often round off the stylish profile of many Hollywood heroes and characters on the silver screen. Be it Tom Cruise in Risky Business, or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you can recollect many movies where Oaho sunglasses have accentuated the heroic profiles. You can choose from any of the many interesting costume themes like the Wolf of Wall Street or the Blue Brothers where these iconic sunglasses can be put to the maximum effect.Custom Printed Rubber Touch Wayfarer Sunglasses Black

Classic 70’s and 80’s styles
If you wish to make sunglasses part of your Halloween costumes all you need to do is travel back in time to the classic 70’s or 80’s, where outlandish costumes, hats and sunglasses were the rules of the land.Customized SoftTouch Matte Sunglasses w 18Trending styles
Dress up like popular personalities and public figures that everyone knows. Now that the political campaign season is in full gear, why not choose some of the political heavy weights like Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, or any other famous personalities like Nikki Minaj or Drake- to name just a few! You will surely leave the audience in splits with your hilarious dressing style complete with those gaudy neon colored sunglasses that are hard to miss out.Custom Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses Assorted ColorsAn eye for details and smart accessorizing can indeed create some awe-inspiring costume ideas for you this Halloween. Sunglasses will make excellent props to add that extra zing to all your costume ideas. Crazy, scary, sexy- No matter how you wish to look like, these personalized sunglasses from Sunglass Ville will make sure that you steal the show. Happy Halloween!

PS: For those who are not dressing up this Halloween, we at Sunglass Ville have a range of sunglasses for the Fall season that will keep you on top of the raging trends this season.