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Custom Sunglasses as Giveaways-Tips

In-store promotion is a proven marketing strategy for marketers to raise sales and pique interest among the audience in a short time. This budget friendly marketing campaign allows you to save your resources without compromising on the extent of promotions.

Sunglasses will make a pedigree gift choice to consider during your upcoming in- store promotions. Custom sunglasses are indeed fantastic promotional products. There are so many ways to include sunglasses in your brand promotions.

Here are some ideas that are worth trying out.

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As on -Pack Gift

On-pack promotions will surely affect the consumer’s buying behavior because people will be excited at the thought of getting a freebie with their purchase. It will enhance their shopping experience and  will make your brand their favorite.  It is a proven way to convert shoppers into regular buyers.

As promotional giveaways

Summer events and outdoor promotions are a perfect time to put your brand on a wide display and make it popular. Giving away custom sunglasses will make your event a crowd puller virtually. People will surely love the event for a long time for these wonderful gifts they received.

As fund raising items

Sunglasses are not just a perfect gear to  boost the fashion statement but also to protect vision. So, if you are planning a fund raising campaign for eye care projects, sunglasses will definitely make a great choice. Available in just about every price rate, these can be sold at a higher price to raise proceeds for the cause.  The best part is that as sunglasses  are something people find hard to resist, hence you can easily sell it off to make your fund raiser a grand success.

As team spirit swag

Did you know that custom sunglasses make great team spirit swag for your  employees or corporate sports team? Choose models in your corporate colors, customize it with your mascot and tagline and you are all set to make a long lasting impression. Every time they are out on the game field, your brand will make a lot of impressions among the audience.

As contest prizes

Also host an online fun contest and announce sunglasses as prizes. You can even organize a  raffle in the stores to build up a buzz and get more footfalls. It is indeed a nice way to engage the audience with your brand in a friendly way and to highlight the fun profile of your brand.

Thus custom sunglasses are fantastic promotional items that will fit any marketing plan with ease. It’s easy to print your logo and  artwork on it. Besides, they are also available in many different materials, colors, and styles.

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