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Custom Sunglasses -Budget Friendly Gifts That are on-Trend

Sunglasses are perfect handouts for outdoor festivals, events and conferences. Get all eyes on your brand with these stylish accessories of personalized sunglasses that not many people can resist! Get people recognize your logo every time the sun comes out. Offered in a wide range of models like navigator sunglasses, UV resistant models like Malibu sunglasses and Wayfarer models in which your clients, employees and event attendees will look exceptionally good.


Promotional sunglasses make great marketing tools because of the incredible popularity that these enjoy. No matter whether your clients are on the sun baked beach or the snow clad slopes, sunglasses are  must- have items to stay safe from UV risks.

 Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

UV rays are present in the atmosphere year round and so will be your brand imprinted on these fashionable and functional sunglasses. Appealing to people of all age groups, sunglasses ensure wide spread brand exposure at one time investment. Sunglasses are never discarded, which means that your message imprinted on these will continue to make popular talking topics for a long time even after the event.

Available in a wide range of price rates, custom sunglasses can be effectively employed even in mass promotions like mailer campaigns or trade shows. Your logo and message imprinted on these sunglasses will get easy eyeballs every time your recipients venture out. Your audience will indeed appreciate the extra thought that went into these useful accessories.

Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Make the right choice

Polarized sunglasses with anti-reflection coating will prevent glare and keep the eyes relaxed during summer. It is well suited for motorists, anglers and cruise holiday makers among others.

If you are looking for a pair of functional sunglasses that comes handy all round the year, Look no further than UV resistant sunglasses like custom  Oahu sunglasses. Offered in a wide range of colors and hues, these stylish sunglasses will match the stylish summer apparels of your prospects as well.

Sun Ray Matte Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses will add a pop of colors and an enigmatic element to the summer accessories and make a great choice for the sunny outdoors. Your logo and message imprinted on these stylish frames will get a fair share of online publicity as well as your style savvy audience share their summer party snapshots in their instagram pages!

Sun Ray Mirror Sunglasses

If you are looking for some purely party centric sunglasses, checkered sunglasses, color changing sunglasses or floating sunglasses will make perfect picks.

Red Checkered Glasses

Should you need more ideas on custom sunglasses, browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs. Happy shopping!