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Custom Sunglasses for Outdoor Events- A Guide

 Sunglasses and brilliant sunshine may go hand in hand! However, it is a proven fact that sunglasses should be worn all round the year including winter to stay safe from UV rays. Custom sunglasses are a great way to both protect your clients and enhance your brand image. Available in various interesting models and colors, custom sunglasses can be effectively used in various outdoor events.


If your company is sponsoring an outdoor concert, game day or marathon, UV resistant  Malibu sunglasses  in your brand colors would make a perfect way to make your message popular among spectators and supporters. Just imagine the visibility your sunglasses will enjoy as large groups of people turn up wearing the same eyewear!

A comfortable pair of sunglasses will be a regular companion of your recipients even beyond the event. Every time they wear it on the beach or a day out in town, your brand message will get a new audience and the attention of a fresh set of eyes! Your prospects and their near and dear ones who happen to see your brand will instinctively develop a familiarity and affinity towards your brand.

Corporate sports events

Highlight your team colors, mascot and anthem during corporate sports events and make your team strand out. A stunning pair of  sports sunglasses imprinted with your logo and message will go a long way in making your team highly visible on the grounds, break rooms and practice sessions.

Solar Shade Shiny Sunglasses

Kids’ events

Kids influence the purchase patterns and decisions of families and are important units of influencer marketing. So, make sure to include sunglasses for kids in your promotional kitty to reach out to this very important segment. It  will easily help your brand to make its way into the vast family audience.

Choose from a wide range of kids sunglasses with light weight and shatter resistant frames. These are available in a wide range of shapes and pleasing colors that will leave the little ones pleased. Novelty styles will add to the fun and emotional impact of your promotions. Get your logo, message or cartoon figures imprinted on it to make it relevant to them. Kids love attention and glamour and quite rightly a stylish pair of sunglasses will indeed make a great talking topic among every genre of kids.

Kids Navigator Sunglasses


When fun is the name of the game, how can you overlook something like sunglasses? Always associated with fame and glamour, custom sunglasses will make an appropriate handout for concerts and events. Your logo and message will get all eyes on it while your recipients get the spotlight! Models like Mirrored sunglasses will literally turn the heads during concerts and parties.

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be customized to amuse and entertain your audience and draw them closer to your brand in a fun way. Need more tips? Reach out to our product team to get started.