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Custom Sunglasses For Pink Themed Promotional Events In October

October is Breast cancer awareness month, which makes a great time for businesses, non-profits and health care institutions to join their hands to spread awareness about the risks and prevention of breast cancer, which is one of the leading cases of fatalities among American women. Custom sunglasses will make an effective and budget friendly way to get across your message and highlight your social commitment.

Custom Sunglasses For Pink Themed Promotional Events In October

Sunglasses make trendy and extremely popular accessories that nobody can resist. The incredible popularity and low price advantage to die for will all make these logo items a rage among marketers. Customize these logo items with your brand and message to make it a high potential marketing tool to reach out to your audience and to inspire and remind them of your brand. By associating with a highly important social issue of breast cancer awareness, your goodwill will increase manifold as well. Studies show that brands that are socially committed and undertake responsible marketing will enjoy a better goodwill than brands that approach their promotions from a solely marketing angle.

Pink colored sunglasses will make an appropriate custom gift to consider during breast cancer awareness events. You can use it as fund raising items, store promotional items for women’s brands or employee handouts. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these trendy accessories will ensure the much desired portability and exposure for your brand.

Here are some models that you will love to make part of the marketing swag.

White Frame Classic Sunglasses with Neon Pink Arms: These trendy and classic sunglasses with bright pink arms will make a perfect handout during pink themed promotions. Imprint your brand and message on the arms to make it a long lasting souvenir and a trendy free gift alike. Your recipients will be reminded of your brand and your social message for a long time.

Custom White Frame Classic Sunglasses with Neon Pink Arms

Clear Malibu Glasses with 8 Colors: These UV resistant sunglasses will enable your recipients to take their fashion forward trends into outdoors as well. Personalize these with your brand and message to turn it into a powerful business gift that your customers will love to use throughout the year. Made of polycarbonate material these light weight and attractive sunglasses will make your brand the talk of the town literally!

Customized Clear Malibu Glasses with 8 Colors

Two-Tone Visor Sunglasses: These two tone sunglasses feature a brilliant combo of white glasses with detachable sun visor in various colors including pink that can be folded down for more compact storage. Made of polycarbonate material, these custom sport sunglasses with UV400 lenses are well suited for outdoor events and activities. Put your message on a high angle display on these logo items.

Custom Printed Two-Tone Visor Sunglasses

Slotted LED Sunglasses: Get your message out in style even at night with these impressive slotted LED Sunglasses. Perfect for night events, parties and clubs, these sunglasses will put your brand under spotlight and nobody can miss the message for sure!

Custom Printed Slotted LED Sunglasses

We have a lot more interesting pink colored sunglasses in our collection. Which of these are you planning to use for the breast cancer awareness events that are coming up? Share your ideas at the comments section below.