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Custom Sunglasses – Giveaways That Enhance your  Outdoor Brand Presence  

Personalized sunglasses are effortlessly cool. Imprinted with your design or logo, these make walking talking billboards for your brand while it doubles up as a style statement for your audience. Not just during summer, sunglasses are used in all 4 seasons because the invisible UV rays remain in the atmosphere all through the year.

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Paradoxically the UV risk is more during snow and winter when sun is not even visible! Constant exposure to UV rays will cause long lasting damages like cataract and cancer to the eyes. Sunglasses will protect the eyes from this risk all the while being a fashion forward accessory that nobody can resist. Offered in various models and colors, sunglasses offer something special for everyone and for every event.

Eye Candy Sunglasses - Translucent Red

Milestone events

Looking for a classic pair of custom sunglasses for your grand opening? Custom navigator sunglasses will make a great choice. Incredibly famous, these sunglasses are hotly favored by people of all age groups and demographics. Choose from various models including flat front models and mirrored sunglasses among others

Fund raising events

Wish to raise a fund raising drive for non profits for community clubs? Sunglasses will make a superb choice considering its popularity and cost effectiveness. Choose from a wide range of models like UV resistant Oahu sunglasses, sports sunglasses or party sunglasses among others. Sunglasses in any model make great fund raising items. People will lap it up while you raise fund for the social cause you support. The big plus is that every time your recipients wear this social message over their eyes they feel socially committed and an integral part of the cause.

Custom Metallic Oahu Sunglasses

Back to school events

Kids will be back to school in a few weeks and schools need some great giveaways to welcome them and get across their message. Kids’ sunglasses will make a great choice to impress the little ones. Offered in various models including UV resistant models and Blue brother sunglasses inspired by the famous pop band- you have a lot of choices to consider. Get your logo and message imprinted on these sunglasses and every time kids flaunt these during picnics, family reunions or summer camps, your message gets a wider audience  plus the much desired word of mouth publicity.

Imprinted Kids Color Changing Sunglasses

Outdoor tradeshows

Summer is a peak season of outdoor events like tradeshows.  Custom sunglasses will make thoughtful giveaways to attract more leads and keep them comfortable   during the scalding hot day. Your message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention from the moment you hand these out!

No outdoor event can be complete without  these crowd pleasing giveaways of sunglasses. Invest in this popular swag and get noticed big time!