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Custom Sunglasses- Handouts that will Make Every Campaign Special

Sunglasses are great accessories for all occasions- both formal and casual. Whether imprinted sunglasses are used as event swag or gifts to your employees these will go on to be used in many different ways.

Add portability and fashion twist to your campaign with imprinted sunglasses that are simply great for all types of businesses. Printed sunglasses are classic, cost effective and hard to miss. Whether you utilize these as employee gifts, store promotional gifts, fund raising items or more, custom sunglasses will keep your potential clientele happy and engaged with your brand.


Get your brand noticed big time with these fashion accessories that offer a lot more than most promotional products. Check out the impressive range of branded sunglasses including classic favorites like navigator sunglasses, fun themed neon sunglasses or quirky models like  lens imprinted sunglasses among others

Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become increasingly more popular with businesses as a stunning way to promote themselves at outdoor events like festivals, parades and fairs. Reusable and well retained, custom sunglasses make consistent impressions during its shelf life without any repeat investment or effort.

Just put on your creative caps to come up with some interesting ways to use custom sunglasses in your events. Whether you are looking for mirrored sunglasses to wear at the corporate golf event, or just some everyday classic sunglasses for the office or UV resistant models like Oahu sunglasses for their weekend beach  activities,  you have all these and more in custom sunglasses.

Half-Frame Oahu Style Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses will make your team stand out in outdoor trade shows and events and will impress the attendees easily. If you are organizing a 5k marathon or a fund raising health run, sports sunglasses will make a great way to get the audience engaged and to build up a buzz for your event.

 MVP Sport Sunglasses

The brand exposure you will gain from printed sunglasses is second to none. These items are used and worn daily so your brand will be put on constant display to re-enforce your brand identity. Choose form a wide variety of trending models and colors to match your theme and get your audience talk about your event. With a large branding area and the ability to print on both sides these are great products for showing off your company’s logo.

Neon Custom Sunglasses

Let’s be frank about it! Printed sunglasses are a cost effective way to get your brand noticed thanks to its cult status and a large imprint area on the arms and lens that will make your brand get instantly noticed.

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