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Custom Sunglasses – How To Find The Right Colors That Match Your Event

Sunglasses will not just ensure comfort and enhanced vision during daylight hours but will also protect the eyes from UV damage. Apart from the UV advantage, there are some features that can truly maximize your visual experience. Though sunglass shapes and styles are a personal preference, the basic idea should be to get adequate coverage from the elements and to make the outdoor activities easy. For instance wrap around sunglasses are great for sports personnel like athletes and cyclists whereas navigator sunglasses are for those who spend a lot of time outdoors on a sunny day.

Custom Sunglasses – How To Find The Right Colors That Match Your Event

Here is a quick guide that will help you choose custom sunglass model that is best for your vision.

Lens colors are important

Although the color does not affect the UV blocking ability of your sunglasses, it will change your visual perception in specific ways. Choosing sunglasses of certain colors will help in specific tasks.

Gray/ Black Lens: These lenses maintain optimum color saturation and provide the most natural color contrast. These are perfect for people who are very light sensitive and prefer a more soothing affect. Custom Printed Cannes Sunglass will make a great choice to consider.

Custom Printed Cannes Sunglass

Brown Lens: These lenses enhance contrast and makes green color more visible. These are ideal for medium to bright light conditions and for users who prefer increased contrast of vision. These lenses can make bright sunlight comfortable without hampering the vision. These classic sunglasses will be a perfect pick in this category

Custom Imprinted Classic Ladies Sunglasses

Rose-Brown: It reduces glare and increases contrast of vision. These lenses provide slightly better vision in lower light conditions.

Yellow Lens: It ensure the highest contrast of vision and are great for low light conditions. Can be worn in bright light but has little dimming affect. Yellow lens sunglasses are well recommended for activities like driving, shooting or fishing in low light. Check out these tinted sunglasses in this category.

Promotional Tinted Lenses Rubberized Sunglasses

Now that you have a basic overview of the lens colors, here are some of the activities for which these lens colors will be appropriate


Amber lens will be a better choice as it enhances contrast , which will make the ball visible more clearly . A green-gray tint lens is also a good choice as these will help golfers pick up the ball well and see the subtle changes in ground contour the best. Polarized sunglasses may not be a good choice as it makes it difficult for the players to judge slopes and hills.


A brown tinted lens will make it easy for the players to spot the ball. Polarization features will help to enhance vision on the court.


Brown lens Sunglasses with a mirror coating work best for volleyball players


High contract vision sunglasses that will transmit more light and reduce glare will be the best choice. Yellow, green, or lighter brown lenses will make good choices.


Polarized lenses are perfect options for boating and fishing activities. Mirror coatings are beneficial for these high light and high glare conditions.

We have something special for your need and ideal light requirements. Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs.