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Sunglasses- Gifts for All Age Groups

Promotional sunglasses are a classic giveaway that will impress recipients of all age groups. Apart from being a trendy accessory, these will protect the eyes from UV rays as well.

The best part is that sunglasses are not just seasonal but remain popular giveaways all round the year. Apart from every day staples, sunglasses make a  head turning accessory during concerts, festivals and fairs. Available in various popular models custom sunglasses are available in casual, sporty and classic models to complement every promotional theme. These highly customizable accessories have a potent advertising effect that will put your brand on the display every time your employees and clients are  outdoors.

 Custom sunglasses are also available in a wide variety of models in just about every price rate. So, you can find the style perfectly suited for your brand. For instance, you can think of interesting models like color changing sunglasses and neon sunglasses for a party centric crowd while navigator sunglasses will fit the bills of the business crowd. Print your logo on the arm to get all eyes on it and reap the rewards that promotional products offer.

Promotional impact of sunglasses

Sunglasses enjoy a long term appeal to the users  due to its incredible visibility . Plus, these accessories  do not change their owners regularly as  some other handouts like say pens.  The assured regular use of sunglasses will make it a brand building tool sans parallel. In addition, logo sunglasses as advertising products will ensure a marketing message that is eye-to-eye and hence consistently visible.

High utility

Everyone need sunglasses to boost their fashion sense and keep their eyes safe from UV rays. So, just think of the exposure your brand on these logo items will enjoy.


Sunglasses are light weight and portable, which makes it easy for your prospects to carry it wherever they go. In addition, marketers will also find  it easy to distribute sunglasses  in person or as mailer items during their events. The ease of distribution of sunglasses makes it an effective promotional swag that can take your message far and wide.


If you are looking for a sure fire giveaway that will impress both the kids and kids at heart alike, look no further than custom sunglasses. Available in one size that fits all, sunglasses will never fail to impress your audience.   


UV and sun protection

Reports show that persistent exposure to sun rays can cause cancer and other eye conditions. So, UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses will make great handouts for awareness events and eye safety campaigns. Customize it with your brand and message to make your brand part of their healthy life style.

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