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Custom Sunglasses- Inspire Your Audience to See Your Brand in a New Light

Marketers often find it challenging to choose the most popular swag that will impress the audience without breaking the bank. However, when you have versatile giveaways like sunglasses, your promotions becomes a breeze. Nobody can resist a free pair of sunglasses. By adding your logo and message on these accessories you will get a grand brand display and repeat impressions at one time investment.

Custom sunglasses are fun to customize! You can be at your creative best in designing sunglasses that will grab easy attention. Minimalist impressions and small artwork or mascot that will fit the small imprint space on the arms will do the trick nicely. Make it as unique as your brand to make your message on top of their minds.

The plethora of options that sunglasses offer is yet another advantage. Available in various models, shapes and colors, sunglasses indeed offer something special for everyone. For instance, if you have a classic audience group, choose models like navigator sunglasses of UV resistant Malibu sunglasses.

However, if you have a feisty younger group to reach out to, choose models like color changing sunglasses or neon sunglasses. Custom sunglasses look classy and sophisticated. By putting your brand on these timeless giveaways you can leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

 Marketers always look for giveaways that will fit easily into their budget. When they choose sunglasses, they are sure to have a popular giveaway that won’t burn a hole in their pockets. Available at prices starting only a few cents, custom sunglasses are ideal for even start up companies with a small promotional budget. By ordering in bulk, you can ensure the best deals as well.

Conversation starters

Sunglasses  hold the credit of being proven ice breakers during business events like trade shows. A well designed pair of sunglasses makes a great conversation starter in the friend’s groups of your recipients. The curiosity that sunglasses evoke in other people is beyond imagination. It will ensure the much needed word of mouth publicity for your  brand that will take your message far and wide.

The best part is that sunglasses turn  your prospects and employees to your biggest brand ambassadors who will be promoting your brand every time they wear it. The best part is that though they see your brand staring at them every moment, they will not even feel that they are advertising the brand. It is these beautiful subtle elements that make custom sunglasses a creative branding tool.

No matter whether you choose to put your brand on the lens or the arms of the shades, your message will surely get noticed. Just make sure to keep the design elements simple to make it easy to engrave on such a small space.


Sunglasses make perfect party favors, business gifts, fund raising items and more. So, no matter how you wish to incorporate it into your promotional plan, you can never go wrong. The best part is that sunglasses are available at one size that fits most,; so you can literally choose any model if you have a diverse audience group to cater to.

With a lot of color choices to consider, shopping for custom sunglasses is indeed an enjoyable experience  for marketers. Leave  a brand definition in front of your audience with this stylish swag during this outdoorsy season.

How do you plan to make sunglasses your branding tool? Share your thoughts with us.