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Custom Sunglasses – Promo gifts with a Wide Fan base

Stylish and practical, custom sunglasses enjoy a formidable fan base and hard to beat cult status among everyone. Fashionable, and immensely helpful for long-term eye health, sunglasses are something nobody can get enough of! These accessories will never go out of style, so, you have a custom gift that will stand the test of time with elegance.


 Choose a pair of custom sunglasses , put a creative tagline, mix fun colors up and bring in a personal touch to  your promotional handouts . These will end up being the talk of the town in no time. Offered in a wide range of trendy models ranging from glow in the dark frames to classic styles, neon colors and more you can never run out of options.

Wondering what makes printed sunglasses the hottest choice? The first thing is the versatility that sunglasses enjoy. These will align with your party equation or promotional plan with ease. So, you have a safe gift choice for all types of events- personal or professional.

Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

Movie premiere is an interesting situation where you can exploit the popularity of custom sunglasses. Movie buffs will love sunglasses. So, if you think free popcorn is not enough to get fanfare going, freebies like sunglasses should do the trick during movie premieres and film festivals. Budget friendly, popular and above all celebrity inspired, sunglasses will get a lot of attention even beyond the venue. A pair of stylish sunglasses will follow the recipients wherever they go, thereby taking your message far and wide. You can’t possibly go wrong with these popular gifts.

Here are some other benefits that make sunglasses a marketer’s delight- literally!

Limitless customization options

The endless customization options make custom sunglasses great marketing tools. Get your logo, artwork or taglines stand out against the bright colored arms or even lens to make it worth a second look.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

UV safety

Whether it’s summer or winter, UV rays always exist in the atmosphere and can  damage skin and eyes. This is why UV-resistant sunglasses make a great promo gift all round the year and not just during summer! Every genre of your audience will appreciate a bit of extra sun protection when they receive these stylish, every day sunglasses. The wide range of customization options make printed sunglasses a great winner in promotional items Choose a style that will match the audience taste, create fun color combinations to  make your logo simply stand out!

Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment

Nobody Can Have Too Many Custom Sunglasses

More the better! At least that is what people think of sunglasses in their collection. Everyone needs more than one pair of sunglasses for their car, home, office and holidays. We all have an appointed sunglasses system in place, which will enhance the outdoor look and make the occasion special. For instance, everyone will have a specific pair for the beach, another for road trips and yet another pair for errands and  so on.

 Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Infinite Choices

Custom sunglasses are available in different styles and price rates . So, if you are hosting an event that runs for several days, you can even choose an assortment of  different styles as your swag  to make it more interesting .

UV resistant sunglasses will keep the eyes of your recipients well protected while your brand is sure to get well-spotted. Mirrored sunglasses have equal measures of flair and flamboyance, which makes it a great choice for fun parties, beach and revelry. Polarized sunglasses are a great choice during snorkeling or winter activities like skiing. There is indeed something special for everyone in custom sunglasses.

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