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Custom Sunglasses – The  Far ranging Promotional Items on a Budget

A pair of custom sunglasses is undeniably the best all-rounder any marketer may have in his promotional product list. Ideal for all promotional plans and strategies, these budget friendly and popular accessories are hard to miss. People simply can’t get enough of these style boosters. So, even if you decide to hand these out year after year, your recipients will grab it in a flash.


Popular all round the year and among every tribe of audience, sunglasses will make a proven medium for you to communicate with your prospects and to engage them with your brand without the nagging sales pitch! The versatility of sunglasses will make it possible for you to employ these in a wide range of promotional events and personal events.

Here are a few suggestions that you will find useful.

Employee appreciation gifts: Your crew deserves appreciation for all their contributions and custom sunglasses will make a great way to make them feel special and boost their brand loyalty. Every time they wear these during parties, family events or trade shows, your brand imprinted on it will get all eyes on it.

Imprinted Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

Team spirit items: If you fancy something different than T shirts as team spirit items for your sports league or booster clubs, sunglasses will make a great choice. Pick up a color that matches your team color, customize it with your mascot or anthem and set the ball rolling for a great season ahead and some of the best team spirit items in the kitty.

Malibu Sunglasses Assortment

Fund raising items: If you are looking for gifts that sell not many custom giveaways can match sunglasses. Customize it with your message, cause and logo and watch it sell like hot cakes. While your supporters have a perfect summer accessory worth flaunting, your social message gets a spin. Win- win! Sunglasses also make great conversation pieces, which means that your social cause will get viral and reach more people.

Raffle gifts: Fun contests and raffle gifts are the winning cards of promotions. It will bring in a fun element and get your audience closer to your message through games and play. Sunglasses will make great raffle gifts as these are something everyone will love. Secondly sunglasses are budget friendly and easy on your pockets. So, you can handout sunglasses for everyone who participate in the contest without breaking your bank.

Silver Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Store promotions: Planning a grand opening, a product launch or something similar? You need popular swag for the gift bag to get more people in and send them home with a piece of your brand. These make excellent brand reminders that will continue to work for your stores for a long time after the event.

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