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Customized Printed Sunglasses- Handouts with Both Style and Substance

Sunglasses are for every season and reason- just right for a quick makeover, party fun or for the sunny outdoors. We’re not just talking of the fashion statement that they make but also the UV protection for eyes. UV rays are always around us; irrespective of the season of the year. Having branded sunglasses is a smart choice for your recipients to stay UV safe and to drive up their style.

Customized Printed Sunglasses- Handouts with Both Style and Substance

Style it up

Why settle for something common, when you have the luxury of designing your own sunglasses? Get your brand, message or some quirky artwork imprinted on the sunglasses to make a head turning fashion statement that is hard to miss. Offered in limitless models and color choices, sunglasses offer ample scope for you to unplug your creativity. Be it a vibrant theme for the beach, a tropical print for the spring outdoors or a classic pair that will keep you look effortlessly chic, sunglasses offer a lot of options.

Custom sunglasses can also be made part of the corporate uniform during summer or spring season. Every time your sales or service team wear these stylish sunglasses, it will make an elegant way of expressing your brand identity; your customers will indeed take a closer look at these stylish accessories.

Safety first

While getting your designs and logo printed on sunglasses, make sure to opt for a high product quality that will keep your eyes safe from UV rays and reducing the risks of cancer and cataract. No compromises! Choose a pair of sunglasses that is not just completely shatterproof but offer 100% UVA and UVB protection including Oahu sunglasses or Malibu sunglasses. Custom sunglasses are really a year-round item no matter whether the sun remains hidden or pop up right over your heads. People wear them all year, so they make a great promotional item for any event at any time.

Promotional Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Match your theme

Offered in a range of colors and models, you can find an appropriate pair of sunglasses that will match the theme of your event; add a pop of color or a fun element that will attract your customers. Custom sunglasses can be handed out alone or along with other products. Small and portable, sunglasses even fit your mailing envelopes!  You can also pair it up with any other summer staple like a can cooler or a lip balm to enhance the value of your handout; your recipients will surely love it.

Sunglasses are budget friendly too; great for mass events like tradeshows, these logo items will continue to work for your brand for a long time after the event. Offered in various price points, you can easily find a perfect model that will match your budget and ensure more value for your money.

Shop today and buy in bulk to save even more on our low prices to make your outdoor promotions interesting!