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Everything you Need to Know About Custom Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are one of the most popular categories of corporate giveaways, holiday gifts and promotional merchandise. Why wouldn’t they be? Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays, accessorize any outfit in style, and most importantly, promote brands.

So, if you have been looking for giveaways that are well-liked by your audience, look no further than custom sunglasses.


Sunglasses are obviously one of the most popular custom giveaways as they are in fashion all year round. They are also used in all seasons and with all types of dressing styles , including formal and casual. It will even make an important item with sports uniform or staff attire in some industries.

Limitless options

Further, sunglasses are available in a wide range of models in just about every price point. From UV resistant models to polarized sunglasses and fashion forward Navigator sunglasses, there is indeed something special for everyone.

One size fits all

Probably what makes sunglasses a marketer’s delight, is that it comes in a size that fits all, which in turn will make a great choice for all types of audience groups and events. Sunglasses are something that people need to  use in all four seasons including sun and snow. Thus your brand on it will remain in front view of the target audience all round the year irrespective of the seasons. Not many custom giveaways can match sunglasses in this aspect.

However, people may prefer custom sunglasses more in summer to stay safe from the stinging rays of the sun.  If you are looking for sunglasses that will please the discerning tribe of Gen Zs, look no further than custom mirrored sunglasses. Available in a palette of brilliant shades, these will give an enigmatic feel to their fashion sense as well.

Budget friendly

Sunglasses are low cost giveaways that will fit  the promotional needs of  even  budget marketers and start up businesses. In addition, ordering in bulk will ensure the bets discounts and deals as well. Thus, sunglasses make a perfect choice for mass mailer campaigns and trade shows.

Popular among all age groups and demographics, custom sunglasses are ideal giveaways for all types of events and promotions including Souvenir and gift shops, Bars and restaurants, Fundraising activities and  little league sports teams among others.

Models like sports sunglasses are more popular with sporty and outdoorsy people as they have a tight wrap design that will keep the eyes full shielded from elements.  Available in various models, these sunglasses also have a generous imprint space on the frames to highlight your message and logo.

High visibility

Probably, the biggest advantage of investing in promotional sunglasses is the impact it has on brand awareness. So, think about how many impressions your brand will make on these promotional products.  It is also a great way to create familiarity to your company.

Easy to customize

Sunglasses  offer incredible scope for creativity. Apart from the standard details like logo and contact information, businesses can add an interesting tagline or artwork on the frames to get all eyes on it. Wearables that are made from recyclable materials like bamboo sunglasses make natural and ecofriendly handouts for green themed promotions.

Looking for more ideas? Browse our collection to choose a model that will match your theme.