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Get Your Message on the Move With Custom Sunglasses Giveaways

Wearables like sunglasses will play a key role in putting your message on the move. Sunglasses travel easily with your recipients, thereby taking your message wherever they go. While the message on billboards will be seen only by those who happen to pass by them, your logo on custom sunglasses will be seen by people around everytime your recipients wear it to work, during commute or in fact wherever they go! Plus, sunglasses are of ideal size to clip to your bag straps or slip into the pockets, thereby maintaining high levels of portability.


Sunglasses may have a fairly small area for your custom engraving. However, it may be all that you need to advertise your business. Your logo on the frames or lens will get a lot of attention and will get prospects back to you. Being highly visible, sunglasses will keep your brand alive in their minds and ensure a highly effective eye level marketing that not many custom giveaways can do.

Besides, marketers can also get creative while keeping their message in the allotted area. Make sure to maintain maximum legibility of your logo for the best impact. Sunglasses also make a great choice for a wide range of marketing promotions. Moreover, sunglasses are available at prices that fit your budget.

Choose relevant and useful models

The sunglasses you choose should also be useful and relevant to the target audience. For instance, if your  target audience is college students, choose something funky like neon sunglasses or color changing sunglasses than something classic. However for your corporate clients, you can choose elegant models like navigator sunglasses and for an active outdoorsy group, UV resistant Malibu sunglasses will be a better choice. You can easily choose models that match the preferences and life styles of the audience to ensure better retention.

Easy to distribute

Further, sunglasses are easy to distribute and hence will make a great choice for target promotions and mailer campaigns. You can even distribute your custom sunglasses in high-traffic events like trade shows or holiday events to get a higher brand exposure. Distribute sunglasses strategically and not just to everyone you meet. Focus on giving them to people who are most likely to be interested in your company or product. It will even ensure better return on your investment and greater results out of your campaigns.

In digital campaigns

In addition, sunglasses are fashion forward accessories that people love to show off at all times. Encourage your prospects to share photos of their sunglasses  on social media to get your message across to a wider audience.


Sunglasses are also incredibly popular and hard to resist. So, marketers can literally get their message right into the hands of their key audience by choosing sunglasses as their merchandise.

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