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Handy Tips To Reduce Eye Strain When Using A Computer

Most people spend most of their day hours staring into their computer monitor- both at work and at home in the new normal world. So, everyone has to cope-up with eye strain. It’s unavoidable in today’s digital age. However, here are some tips to lessen the impact caused by prolonged computer use.


Causes of computer eye strain

The consistent exposure to blue light emitting from the screens of the electronic gadgets can cause strain to eyes  especially as our eyes are staring at the same fixed point and the same brightness for hours. This could put a lot of strain on the tiny muscles that control our eyes’ position and focus. It could lead to blurred vision, eye fatigue, head ache and more.

Handy tips to reduce eye strain

Light settings: Close  the blinds or curtains behind the TV screen to reduce the intensity of light from the window outside. The bright background might force the pupils to close down, but when you use gadgets in dimmer light your pupil need to open up, which can stress out the eye muscles.Make sure to lower the ambient light in the work space to keep the eyes relaxed. Reposition your workstation or use low-intensity LEDs  to light up  so you don’t have to have a bright screen to compete.

Wear Blue light blocking glasses: Blue light glasses will reduce eye fatigue caused by the glare emitted by the screens.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Adjust the screen brightness: Make sure to adjust your screen brightness to make it align with the surrounding light. Confirm that the screen is not brighter than your surroundings.

Reduce blue light setting of the screens:  Use the color settings to remove some blue spectrum off your screen as over exposure to blue light will cause eye fatigue. Keep the screen’s resolution at appropriate setting  to ensure legibility. Change the default font size if needed to read comfortably.

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Adjust the computer screen position in such a way that the  bright light from window is coming from the from the side instead of behind the screen or behind you. It will reduce the glare on the screen and enhance the visual experience. The flat LED type screen with anti glare coating is recommended than the old school CRT models.

Eye exercise: Blink the eyes often and apply eye drops to keep the eyes well hydrated. Look at a distant object every 20 minutes. It will give a respite to the eye muscles from the repetitive, tiring task of staring at your screen.

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