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How Custom Sunglasses Can Be Used For Brand Promotions during Change Of Season

Seasons roll by faster and marketers have to come up with fresh promotional plans to suit the change of seasons to make it relevant and interesting. Companies that may have a product line that is very specific to certain times of the year have to fine tune their marketing to cater to different client needs.


Change is indeed the essence of life. Creating an element of freshness will go a long way in keeping your promotions memorable. This is where custom sunglasses comes into the wider picture. Offered in an astonishing range of models and price rates, custom sunglasses offer something new every time. Light weight and easy to distribute, custom sunglasses enjoy an obvious advantage in ensuring a targeted promotional activity because it will produce more leads and eventually sales results.

Imprinted sunglasses are popular handouts that can be employed to set the ball rolling of all types of promotions. Whether you want to share your brand message, inspire the audience with a call to action message or convey your social commitment, sunglasses will help you attain your goals with ease.

Folding Malibu Sunglasses

Season specific campaigns are fun because it will help your audience to celebrate the seasonal changes and stay tuned with the natural cycles.  While the crux of your promotional activity spans all through the year to make your business viable, seasonal promotions spice it up and pique interest among your audience.

Products like custom sunglasses ensure seamless message extension  as these can be used all round the year yet while being used to highlight the weather changes and seasonal trends.  Consider for instance  UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses or Oahu sunglasses  remain popular all through the year considering the fact that the invisible UV rays exist in the atmosphere at all times.

Oahu Sunglasses

Over winter you can include some more models like polarized sunglasses that will cut down the glare and enhances color clarity during snow or water activities. Thus, you can make custom sunglasses work for your brand 365 days in a year!

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Let’s be frank about it! Not everyone is happy about the change of seasons; most people prefer sunny and warm weather than the cold season. You can try to bring in an element of nostalgia or anticipation in your seasonal promotions to make it more interesting. By handing out promotional gifts like sunglasses, marketers can create a nostalgia for the warmer months, even in peak winter and can spark an interest in the mind of consumers.

So, how do you plan to use sunglasses to turn the tides of seasonal changes to your favor? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page