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How Custom Sunglasses Make Great Handouts During Rebranding

On an average, brands change their corporate identities once every 7 to 10 years to bring in a fresh appeal and to highlight their new business goals. Popular promotional handouts like sunglasses will leave a magical effect on any rebranding process.


Give your stakeholders a tangible representation of your new brand and reinforce your branding story. There cant be a better way than popular gifts like custom sunglasses to let your audience know about your new logo and brand positioning! Handing out a logo gift imprinted with your new logo or tagline is one of the quickest ways to  make your audience acquainted with your new brand identity.

Here are some tips to use custom sunglasses effectively during rebranding events

Get spotted at launch event – Get ample media attention and social media spotlight for your rebranding story with these stylish accessories that are hard to resist. Your attendees will be excited to strike their best pose for the event photos sporting these stunning shades to make an instant connection with your brand.

Promotional Sunglasses Classic

Generate buzz – Everyone likes  freebies; make use of the incredible popularity and celebrity status of sunglasses for spreading the message.

Create brand awareness:  Custom sunglasses will not just make it easy for you to display your new logo but will bring a smile on the faces of your audience. Gifts with high utility value are well retained and enjoy high ROI.

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglass

Tell a story – Sunglasses can be customized to sum up your brand story in a crisp way through taglines or artwork  to boost your rebranding  and support this story.

Match it with the new colors: while choosing custom sunglasses, make sure to match it with your new color. The incredible color choices that custom sunglasses offer  makes it easy to ensure that your merchandise compliments this new style and your brand position. Is it quirky, fun or classic? Make sure to choose a model that will highlight this part of your rebranding. For example, if you want your brand to be seen as a premium player in the industry – choose models like navigator sunglasses or sports sunglasses.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Impress the audience: promotional products have an important role to play in your rebranding story. By making popular custom products like sunglasses in your promotional mix, you can impress your audience and highlight the positive image of your brand all at once.

If your organization is planning rebranding, custom sunglasses will make fabulous gifts to spread your word to your clients. Plus these popular handouts will make a tangible reminder of your new brand identity. Get started by exploring our complete line of custom sunglasses to choose a model that will match your purpose.