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How Custom Sunglasses Make Great Handouts For Travel Companies

Promote your brand in style with custom sunglasses this holiday season. Versatile, fashionable and always in demand, sunglasses can be used to promote all types of events and occasions! Whether you are  promoting a beach resort, a fashion store or a budget airliner, custom sunglasses will make great gifts that will never look out of place.

Build Up Your Style with Sunglasses!

Offered in various trending models and colors, custom sunglasses are easy to customize and make it align with your brand. For instance, foldable models like Malibu sunglasses are often touted as a “travel must-haves.” These sunglasses that fold down to fit easily in the shirt pockets or bags of passengers will make  a great choice to promote businesses in the travel sector.

Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses - Red

Why Custom Sunglasses?

Value added gifts – Sunglasses are a must when you travel. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, sunglasses not just protect your eyes from dust and sunlight, but enhances the style of your recipients.

Well retained and well received, custom sunglasses make handouts that add immense value to your brand. The growing awareness of UV safety has enhanced the popularity of UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses among outdoorsy clients and travelers these days.

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

Portable Billboard – Wearable promotional items like sunglasses make high visibility portable billboards. Every time your clients or employees wear these during holidays, to work or during parties, your brand gets a lot of exposure.

Something special for everyone: Sunglasses are available to suit different types of people and lifestyles. The incredible choices are what make sunglasses a feasible marketing gift idea.Sunglasses never go out of fashion and nobody can have too many sunglasses.

Maverick Customized Sunglasses

Who doesn’t own at least a pair of sunglasses for special occasions?  Whether it is change of seasons, holidays, festivals, game days or parties, any occasion is a reason to get a new pair of sunglasses.  This is what makes custom sunglasses a great handout as promotional gifts.

 Fashion forward – Sunglasses can enhance any outfit  and make a handy accessory that can add a fashion twist to any dressing style.

Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Materials: Sunglasses frames and lenses are available in various material choices. Metal, plastic, and rubber are the commonly used materials for the frame while shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses are the popular choices today. Choose light weight frames that are easy on the user and will not slip off while customers are on the go.  If you are looking for something quirky, bamboo sunglasses will make a great choice.

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