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How Custom Sunglasses Make New Leads

There can’t be anything more important than getting your brand up in lights. High visibility promotional handouts like custom sunglasses make an excellent means of drawing attention to your brand. After all, every time your recipients make eye contact with others, your brand will be the center of their attention. If you are looking for a handout that is a little different for your business events or an appreciation gift for your employees or clients, custom sunglasses will make a perfect choice.

Wide range of choices

Sunglasses are available in a wide range of impressive models at great prices. Whether you need head turning styles that will command attention at outdoor gigs or  fairs or  be a crowd  magnet at trade shows, sunglasses will never fail. From classic models like Navigator sunglasses to UV resistant models like Malibu sunglasses and Oahu sunglasses, there is something special for everyone to cater to every event. Available in a wide range of colors, sunglasses are fun to customize as well. Choose an interesting artwork or tagline to be imprinted on the frames or lens to get easy attention. Sunglasses often make a great talking topic, which means that your business will get across into a wider audience without repeat effort or investment.

 Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

Bringing together style and substance, custom sunglasses look great and offer UV protection. Better awareness of eye safety has made these accessories popular than ever. Sunglasses are highly visible and practical giveaways that your recipients will retain for a long time. Every time they go out on a sunny day, they’ll be introducing your brand to everyone around. Sunglasses are handouts with a high perceived value that will impress your potential customers and existing clients alike.

Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

As Promotional giveaways

No matter whether you are looking for a handout for a mailer campaign, trade shows or store promotions look no further than printed sunglasses. If you have a stand at a trade show, people are bound to crowd around to take away  popular gifts and to see what you’re offering. The ease of distribution is another big plus of sunglasses that makes it a crowd favorite.

Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses

Cafes and restaurants can offer their patrons UV resistant sunglasses that will go a long way in enhancing their alfresco dining experience. Bars selling a branded drink can draw more customers to your bar by offering free branded shades that will help you draw easy attention to your logo. It is highly likely that the customers you serve will wear these  sunglasses for the rest of the day and they may even take it home to enhance their collection of sunglasses.

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

Fund raising items

Promotional sunglasses make great fund raising items for non- profits and charity. No matter whether you choose to sell sunglasses or include these as part of a raffle gift bundle, sunglasses make proven winners.

Rimless Sunglasses

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