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How Local Businesses Can Use Sunglasses in Promotions

Customers are the bedrock of your business; and how well businesses nurture it can have a tremendous impact on their brand exposure. Customer retention is as important as lead generation for any business.

Increasing your customer base will show how special they are to your business and it will significantly boost your customer retention. Happy customers are crucial because they can bring you more business through word of mouth publicity and referrals . The more you value your customers, the more they will be loyal to your brand.

The basic way  of increasing your customer base is to stay in contact with your potential and existing customers through interesting giveaways like custom sunglasses.  It will help you to increase your retention and build a loyal customer base.

Sunglasses will let your brand to be always in the eyes of your customers. With these trendy accessories, custom printed with your logo and message, your brand can always stay relevant. Add this popular gift to your strategy and become one of the visible brands in your city.

Stylish, elegant well within your budget range, custom sunglasses will ensure effective branding. Available in various models, sunglasses will augment your brand visibility at  different locations without any repeat investment or effort.

Draw easy attention

Attracting the eyes of your potential customers  can indeed be a game-changing strategy. Sunglasses will ensure a dramatic brand display that will make heads turn. These eye-catching handouts will even make a great talking topic for your brand. Add your logo, message or call to action message in full color to create  the best impact. Grab attention with this simple yet attractive handout and start building your customer base.


A  pair of sunglasses may appear as an ordinary handout. However, the impact it has is quite powerful. When a customer buys from your brand, you are giving these trendy sunglasses back to the customer, which will make them feel appreciated. It will also reinforce your brand value and increase the brand recall. As your logo printed on the frame or lens of sunglasses will always be in front of their eyes, customers will surely remember your brand. Moreover they will even promote your business indirectly every time they wear it. Apply your creativity to use text, colors, and images to leave a lasting impression while  building your customer base.

Outdoor activities are  fun. There is no way you will not have anyone trying out this fashionable accessory when they hit the golf greens or  the beach. These handouts will create interest in your brand among everyone who happens to see it. Moreover, it will motivate your potential customers to engage with your business. Once you succeed doing this , you start building your customer base.

Ways to include sunglasses in your marketing plan

As survey giveaways

Inspire your audience to participate in market surveys and allow your customers to share themselves on your social media handles, by handing out custom sunglasses as giveaways.

As mailer items

You can also include sunglasses as mailer items when you send out newsletters and business communication.

As customer appreciation gifts

Show that you care for your customers by handing out printed sunglasses as customer appreciation gifts. Further, a happy customer will indeed go a long way in promoting  your business and enhancing your base. Browse our complete line-up of  custom sunglasses to give your brand a powerful stance in the marketplace while enhancing your customer base. Make your advertising easy and effective with custom sunglasses or contact us for advice on the best models you may need.