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How Promotional Sunglasses will Enhance Your Brand Visibility

Most top promotional items have one major thing in common. They are all highly useful items that consumers use regularly. Reports show that  nearly 77 percent of consumers retain  a promotional product because of its usefulness. So, that will give marketers a sound reason to invest in custom sunglasses, which are both functional and fashionable . Apart from protecting the eyes of the audience, it will add style to their  wardrobe.

Diverse models

The best part of sunglasses is that they come in many different styles. Popular across all age groups and demographics, sunglasses are also incredibly popular.

Here are just a few types of popular promotional sunglasses to choose from.

Malibu sunglasses

These UV resistant Malibu sunglasses come in a  palette of fun colors that will enhance their outdoor fashion profile. Choose from a wide range of models including color changing sunglasses and rainbow colored sunglasses that will appease especially the younger demographics. Easy to customize with your brand and message, Malibu sunglasses will indeed offer something special for everyone.

Navigator sunglasses

The unique thin frame design with colored  or mirrored sunglasses makes these accessories a signature item for a classic audience. Add your logo and message to make it one of its type.


Novelty sunglasses

Novelty sunglasses offer countless models that are fun and creative alike. Impress the young and the young at heart with these sunglasses that win hands down as party accessories and fun sunglasses for the summer outdoors.

Wondering how to find the right pair of sunglasses? Here are some tips

The type of Your Audience

 Firstly, make a quick research on your audience so that you pick the right product. If you are trying to reach out to a mature audience group , choose classic models that are not very flashy. Demographics and age  are indeed the main factors to consider while giving away sunglasses that your prospects will  keep forever.

Choose  the right model of sunglasses

Now that you’ve focused your audience, choose the right type of promotional sunglasses. In addition, there are all types of styles and colors. For instance, neon sunglasses will appease a younger audience whereas executives may prefer a formal style  in subtle frame colors.

The method of distribution

Now that you have found the right pair of sunglasses, your next task is to find an appropriate distribution method.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

As In-Store promotional items

Retailers can have logo sunglasses as giveaways at their store to make new leads and impress existing customers. Further, you can hand them out with  purchase or even as free gifts to anyone who comes to your stores, thanks to the low cost advantage of sunglasses.

Online promotions

If you have an online store, you can give away free sunglasses with every order. In addition, marketers can also have a promo code that users have to enter so they can add sunglasses to their order.

As trade show giveaways

If you have a big event like a tradeshow on the cards, you can give away sunglasses at your booth to build up a buzz about your brand. Another clever way to boost engagement is to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter to get a pair of sunglasses. When the attendees walk around in the event venue wearing these trendy sunglasses,  your sunglasses will ensure brand marketing.

As mailer items

Being small and lightweight, sunglasses can even be used as mailer items. Send it across through newsletters and advertisements to  make your communication value added and interesting. It is a nice way for you to ensure that your recipients will open the envelopes, due to the curiosity that these free gifts evoke in them.

As team spirit swag

If you are sponsoring a game event or a local league, custom sunglasses will make a great team swag for fans and players. Choose sunglasses in your team colors, customize it with your mascot or tagline to make a  great game day souvenir that your audience will love.

In addition you can also sell it as fund raising items thanks to the incredible popularity that sunglasses enjoy across all sections of people. Here your creativity is the only limiting factor. So, go all out in making your custom sunglasses incredibly popular. 

Wish to make sunglasses your summer promotional items? Reach out to our team for the most trending tips and ideas to stay ahead in the game. Happy shopping!