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How to Create the Best Custom sunglasses for Marketing Your Brand

A lot goes into creating excellent sunglasses for marketing. Though the sunglasses you choose will certainly matter, smart customization is what makes it popular. Here are a few tips that you will find useful.


  1. UV resistant High-Quality sunglasses

This seems to make common sense as the custom sunglasses you hand out makes an extension of your brand identity and an inspiring reason for your customers to stay brand loyal. Now that the summer promotions are in its last lap, you have a brilliant opportunity to make use of  the popularity of custom sunglasses for your outdoor campaigns. A low quality pair of sunglasses is a strict NO.

Make sure to choose trending models in UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses or Oahu sunglasses that will keep your audience stylish and UV safe alike. Choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to stay on top of the trends. When you select good quality items you have peace of mind that your promotional sunglasses will hold up.

This is crucial because if you want to create a positive experience for your customers you need to make sure that the shades you choose are good quality.

  1. Get Social

Sunglasses evoke casual vibes and style wherever these go. Give a tempting reason for your audience to feature your logo sunglasses in their social media pages. It will ensure word of mouth publicity for your message and an incredible brand visibility. Businesses can choose to handout custom sunglasses as digital media fun contest prizes or as raffle gifts.

Logo Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

  1. Go FULL Color

Full color images, artwork or logo will stand out from the arms of the sunglasses without being awkward. Grab easy attention and get people think and talk about your brand and message in their first glance by highlighting your logo. It will enhance the appeal of the shades and make it one of its types. Make sure that the artwork you choose portray your branding message.

Printed Retro Sunglasses

  1. Customization

All sunglasses provide some degree of value but creating a pair of sunglasses that is just a bit extra will leave a lasting impression. So, make sure that the custom sunglasses you create are fully and totally your own and end up as a hot favorite of your customers and prospects. Explore our easy to use design studio tool, which will make anyone a great artist and help to come up with a design that you fancy. If you are hard pressed for time or ideas, just reach out to our team that will give beauty to your ideas and turn your promotional sunglasses dramatically appealing.

Wedding Party Favor & Promotional Logo Lenses Imprinted Sunglasses

5 Add a QR Code

QR codes are alive and kicking! Include a QR code on your custom sunglasses to convey a lot of  useful information without being boringly wordy!.

Watch this space for more updates on custom sunglasses and stay on top of the trends.