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How to Identify Polarized Sunglasses Easily- 3 Top Tips

Polarized sunglasses are a rage these days. Apart from keeping the glare off the eyes, these stylish sunglasses add a pop of color to your style as well. Great for people on the move and those who love to spend their leisure hours outdoors, polarized sunglasses will keep the eyes cool and relaxed. Plain surfaces like roads, water or sand can all reflect sunlight more to the eyes, which can hamper vision while driving.

How to Identify Polarized Sunglasses Easily- 3 Top Tips

Polarized sunglasses thus will make a meaningful handout during spring and summer season.

Why Polarized sunglasses

A lexicon would tell you that polarized sunglasses are designed to block glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. The glare caused by sunlight can distort the true color of objects. These sunglasses will thus enhance visibility, keep the eyes relaxed and prevents squinting in sunlight. The best part, these sunglasses will help the users to see the true colors in its perfection, which in turn will enhance their outdoor experience.

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How to know whether the sunglasses are polarized?

But how will someone know whether the sunglasses they buy are polarized or not? It is one of the most common queries that pop in everyone’s mind.

Well, here are 4 tips that will help you find whether the sunglasses you buy are polarized or not.

1.The Reflective Surface Test: Hold your polarized sunglasses against any reflective surface like a mirrored table in such a way that you can see it directly through your sunglasses. If the glare from the reflective surface is reduced, your sunglasses are polarized. If the glare gets worse, it is not fully polarized.

2.The Computer Test:  Keep your sunglasses facing a computer screen, now turn the sunglasses to a 60 degree angle. If the lenses turn black, you have a pair of truly polarized sunglasses on hand.

3.The 2 Pair Comparison: Hold two pairs of polarized sunglasses facing the same direction. Rotate one sunglass to a 60 degree angle; if you see the overlapping lenses getting darker, both the pairs are polarized.

4.The Test Sticker: some brands of sunglasses have a test sticker that will get darker when you hold the sunglasses in a 60-degree angle. If there is no change in the sticker it may not be fully polarized.

Well, that will help you make out polarized sunglasses easily. We have a wide range of custom polarized sunglasses that bring together style and substance for marketers setting out on a whirl wind outdoor promotion this season. These custom sunglasses  make great handouts to promote angling holidays, cruise packages and fashion products alike. In fact, polarized sunglasses are one of the most popular in custom sunglasses.

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