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How To Make Custom-Printed Sunglasses The Best Value Giveaways

Why sunglasses are one of the best promotional products of all times? Sunglasses take credit to a prominent branding area and are emotionally connected to fashion. That’s right! Branded sunglasses are  well-received and  appreciated promotional gifts simply  because we all like to be stylish.

Well cherished gifts of sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, which make it easy for you to choose the best.


Now here are some ideas to customize sunglasses to make it the best!

See the funny side

Most advertisers try to make their logo the key feature of their customized sunglasses. Logos of any type may not demand attention. The premium real estate should not be reserved for only your logo. This is a golden rule that is applicable all branding strategies. In most ads, your logo will have just as much impact in the bottom corner as it will front and center, so don’t waste the most valuable real-estate.

Custom Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Instead you can try to bring in a fun element and evoke emotions to engage your audience easily. A pair of sunglasses with just your logo may not have much character against those shades that flaunt taglines, jokes or an artwork.  Make the best use of the imprint space by offering something that your audience will find interesting.

Imprinted Fashion Sunglasses

Keep in mind that you want your custom gifts to serve subtle a branding purpose without being too pushy. Placing too many details will make it look like a billboard. So, choose to keep only the most relevant info especially because sunglasses are something people may wish to make part of their life style.

Make sure that the text is well placed and in perfect sync. Too large fonts can  make sunglasses unattractive and stashed away in the dark corners of an office drawer while too small fonts may not demand attention. Strike a perfect balance for the best results

Make it stand out

Most people have a favorite pair of sunglasses that they wear often. Make your custom sunglasses their favorite by offering a well customized trendy pair of sunglasses that is hard to resist. Just think of the incredible brand loyalty you create by becoming the name on the sunglasses that kick starts your prospect’s day each morning. Get your brand into the hands of your prospects and customers with these stylish giveaways.

San Remo Serengeti Sunglasses

Make it personal and cool!

You can customize it the way you wish. So, why not make it cool and trendy to make it popular among your audience.

Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

Make it unique

Your sunglasses may be a crowd favorite for its quality or novelty. But as long as it stands out from the multiple pairs of sunglasses your recipients may have in their closet, your purpose is met. Just increase the odds of your custom gift becoming their favorite with top models and extra smart customization options.

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