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Imprinted Sunglasses –Show That You Care For The Sun Safety Of Your Recipients

Sunglasses are much more than fashion forward and budget friendly custom gifts that will add an impetus to your branding objectives. More than that, sunglasses will convey the message that you care about the sun safety habits of your recipients. Medical professionals advise that regular exposure to sun’s UV rays can have long lasting effects on the eye health of people and could lead to severe damages including vision impairment or skin cancer among others.

Imprinted Sunglasses –Show That You Care For The Sun Safety Of Your Recipients

Wearing sunglasses is a top recommendation to protect the eyes from dust, pollen and other debris and to stay safe from UV rays. Every time your recipients sport these custom sunglasses they will be putting your brand on a proud parade and share your message with everyone they come in contact. The best part is that sunglasses enjoy a universal appeal and versatility that makes them ideal to promote all types of brands and businesses and to cut across all types of audience groups.

The budget friendly feature of sunglasses makes it a great promotional item for mass events like mailer campaigns or tradeshows because you can ensure a gift for everyone on your list without breaking your budget. Custom sunglasses are available in various material choices, which make it easy for marketers to choose an item that matches their budget and preferences of their target audience.

Here are some of the popular models that can be considered

Plastic Sunglasses

Light weight and offered in a range of lively colors, plastic sunglasses are available in a wide range of styles like classic sunglasses, glow in the dark sunglasses, Oahu sunglasses and more.  These sunglasses exude a sporty charm, which makes them great for sports events and outdoor activities. However, on the flip side, plastic sunglasses are likely to break easily than other materials.

Rubber Sunglasses

One of the most budget friendly models, rubberized sunglasses are durable and long lasting and make perfect gifts for tradeshows, college campuses, corporate  picnics, and more!

Metal Sunglasses

Metal frame sunglasses include the ever popular navigator style sunglasses along with some very interesting models like eagle sunglasses that make heads turn with its metal finish frames and semi rimless lens.  Mission Impossible Customized Sunglasses is not just the name of the Hollywood blockbuster but is the name of these fashionable sunglasses with metallic black frame. Put your brand on these crowd pullers and enhance your brand appeal. Metal frames are classic and timeless. However, the thin imprint space will make it suitable only for short messages or small logos.

Mission Impossible Customized Sunglasses

Polycarbonate Sunglasses

Polycarbonate sunglasses are available in various popular styles like Malibu sunglasses, wraparound and navigator style sunglasses in a wide selection of colors. Polycarbonate is impact resistant and is well suited for the rough and tumble of daily use, outdoor events and sporting events like cycling and running. Your message on these sunglasses will have a sizeable audience for sure.

Customized Navigator Sunglasses w/ 5 Colors

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