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Interesting Color Changing Sunglasses

Outdoor promotions just got a lot better with color changing sunglasses.

These  popular handouts are ideal for every business niche right from bars, restaurants and event companies among others . These are perfect for even corporate parties and holiday events as well. It is something that everyone will enjoy

Marketers can add anything they like including logo , call to action message or artwork to make these Custom sunglasses unique. It will surely steal the limelight as the frames change colors in UV light.

Why We Love Custom color changing sunglasses


Color changing sunglasses make trendy  accessories that are useful for a range of different promotions; and will never look out of place. Marketers can consider these sunglasses as gifts with purchase, free promo gift, employee gifts or trade show swag among others. Moreover, you can choose from various models and colors to customize it to fit your brand image.


Reusable and durable, these UV resistant sunglasses are highly practical. Your recipients  can use them time and time again for many different events. Being reusable, these sunglasses are also good for the environment and will boost your brand image further for being eco conscious.


Color changing sunglasses  would obviously be a great fit for almost any business. Customize it  in an interesting way to leave a lasting impression  and make your swag look completely different from that of other players . Thus, no matter what type of campaign you are running, color changing sunglasses will come in handy!

Budget friendly

Sunglasses are cost effective, which makes it easy to use  even in mass promotions like trade shows or store promotions. Buying in bulk will literally cost marketers next to nothing thanks to the incredible bulk purchase discount offers. As sunglasses remain  trending hot always, you can choose to buy in bulk to stay prepared for all the upcoming events and outdoor promotions.

They’re different

Everyone has seen a pair of promotional sunglasses before. They are everywhere. However, these color changing sunglasses offer something extra and will make your brand noticeable more. People will indeed be attracted by the changing colors and want to know more about these accessories.

They’re memorable

Color changing sunglasses stand out well and help people to remember it easily. Thus your brand on it will get a higher exposure and popularity. The best part is that when your prospects remember it, they’ll tell their friends about it, which in turn will set off word of mouth publicity for your brand.

Tell us what you like the most about color changing sunglasses and join an interesting conversation.