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July 10th Is National Pina Colada Day- Plan Your Promotions

Celebrate the popularity of Pina Colada, the national cocktail of Puerto Rico, which has become popular all over the world on July 10th – the National Pina Colada Day. The drink is made by mixing rum with cream of coconut and pineapple juice and served blended with ice. As it falls soon after the Independence Day holidays, most people will still be in the middle of their holiday break, which will drive up the fun of this day.

July 10th Is National Pina Colada Day- Plan Your Promotions

Pina Colada Day is not just about relishing this creamy chilled drink of Puerto Rico but also indulging in beach fun and cruise holidays. Nothing says outdoor fun than a pair of trendy sunglasses. So here are some great looking sunglasses that will promote your brand and will spread awareness of Pina Colada Day. It is party time indeed for everyone; so why not complement the fun in the air by handing out these party sunglasses that are offered in a range of models and price rates. No matter whether your recipients are enjoying their drink on the beach or from the deck of a cruise ship, these sunglasses will make a perfect gift item. Personalize these with your brand and message and let them take home these beautiful holiday season gifts along with the lingering tastes of Pina Colada!

Some of the fast moving models in party sunglasses include the following

Checkered sunglasses: Don an uber chic look with these super dark lenses with checkered frames and blue colored temples. A great party favorite, these sunglasses will surely enhance the fun of the Pina Colada Day and will make everyone look good.Customized Blue Checkered Glasses

Classic Sunglasses: These classic style sunglasses will make a perfect gift item to celebrate this day. Put your brand and Pina Colada Day message on these custom sunglasses to make it a great gift item that will enjoy a long retention.

Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Blue

Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses: These foldable sunglasses will make a perfect gift choice to promote fashion brands, sports events and recreation businesses. Personalize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect party gift.

Personalized Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses - White

Novelty sunglasses: Quirky shapes, brilliant colors and themes are what make custom novelty sunglasses a great choice. So, while raising a toast for their favorite drink of Pina Colada, your recipients will surely love to wear these stylish sunglasses. Do not forget to personalize these with your brand and message to leave a personal touch.Customized Translucent Sunglasses

To help you get started, here are some attractive models that you will find interesting

Glamour Glitter Sunglasses: True to its name, these sunglasses that make great symbols of beauty and glamour will make a perfect choice to promote your brand while your recipients celebrate Pina Colada day.Personalized Glamour Glitter Sunglasses

Light Activated UV Sunglasses These trendy sunglasses that change color when exposed to sunlight will make a great gift item to consider. Everyone will love to wear these logo items that are offered in assorted colors.Promotional Light Activated UV Sunglasses

We have a lot more choices to offer. Browse along and choose a model that suits your budget and make your Pina Colada Day celebrations a wee bit special.